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What Is Affiliate Bootcamp?

Hello, welcome again to Blog Central. Today’s topic is gonna be about Affiliate Bootcamp. What Is Affiliate Bootcamp?

I want to continue my series on Wealthy Affiliate. I’m trying to break it up in as much detail as I can about Wealthy Affiliate. I want you to see what I see. How one business, which has been around more than 10 years. A legit company who is getting people to learn to build their own legit blogging website. Teaches you how to operate your own business through affiliate marketing.

Before you read this, though, you need to go back and read my other 3 posts. That way you will get the most out of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ll be walking you through step by step of Wealthy Affiliate. I want you to know what you will be getting into. My other 3 posts are as follow.

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Wealthy Affiliate has an affiliate Bootcamp. That is what I want to teach you today. What kind of Affiliate Bootcamp does Wealthy Affiliate have? I’m still working on the Affiliate Bootcamp so I will give you as much information as I can. This post will be in the first 2 phases. Then I will write about the next 2 phases and 2 more phases in another post. I’ll write about the last phase and write a little bit about what this will do for you.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, Affiliate Bootcamp is for those who want to promote Wealthy Affiliate. If, when you join and you can’t think of a niche, think about promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

There are 7 phrases. So let’s get started.

Phase 1-Starting Your Foundation

Phase 1, Bootcamp
Phase 1. Affiliate Bootcamp




This will be the beginning. You have to start someplace. Building your Foundation is the most important aspect of starting your own business. There are 10 lessons to get you started:

  • Getting Rolling-There is 5 tasks in this lesson. (1) You will be asked to set your affiliate goals. How many referrals do you hope to get? (2) Comment on at least two other people. (3) Tell if you plan on making the Vegas Conference. (4) Watch the Wealthy Affiliate walk through. Kyle will take you through what Wealthy Affiliate can benefit you. (5) Share WA in at least 3 places. Such as Social Media or wherever else you can think of.
  • Get Your Domain/ Get Your Website-There are 4 tasks in this lesson. (1) Read the target audience Tutorial. You will learn what kind of audience you will get, depending on your niche. (2) Choose a domain, free or paid. The paid is the best way to go, but you can start off with a free Site. (3) Build your site using SiteRubix. (4) Share wherever you want at least 3 posts, discussions, or training from WA.

    Phase 1
    These lessons are enriching with lots of good information

  • Getting Your Website Organized-There are 5 tasks in this lesson. (1) Set up all your website plug-ins (2) Create you first 3 pages. (3) About me, privacy policy, and getting started. (4) Create a new username with WordPress. (5) Join in the 3 days Discussion.
  • Creating A Sociable, idea friendly site-There are 4 tasks in this lesson. (1) Choose at least 3 themes/topics. (2) Build a list of at least 10 topics for each theme. Gives you ideas what you will be writing about. (3) Add pages to your themes. (4) Watch the Video overview of this lesson.
  • A Break, catch and learn more-There are 4 tasks in this lesson. (1) Catch up on unfinished tasks. (2) Share WA in at least 3 places, the more the better. (3) Join in on the how to do promote Wealthy Affiliate in person discussion. (4) Join in at least one discussion Within WA Affiliate Classroom.
  • Writing out theme Content-There are 3 tasks in this lesson. (1) Read the Customer Purchase Cycle. (2) Write out your theme pages. (3) Join in on the 6-day content discussion.
  • Getting your comment engine ready-There are 5 tasks in this lesson. (1) Active and set up Askimet. (2) Clear out any junk or default comment. (3) Update your pages/posts to ask for feedback. (4) Post your one page within the discussion and ask for comment. (5) Comment on at least 3 other people pages/posts within the discussion.
  • Adding Reviews To Your Site-There are 5 tasks in this lesson. (1) Write a Wealthy Affiliate review, you will write your first post on WA. (2) Create a list of at least 5 Products you will review. (3) The post you review for feedback (within the Discussion.) (4) Offer you comment on at least 2 other WA review sites. (5) Share your review on your social network.
  • Leveraging content from WA on your site-There is 4 tasks in this lesson. (1) Watch the leveraging WA content video overview. (2) Add your WA profile link to your about me page. (3) Write one question here at WA (link to it from your site.) (4) Write one post/page on your website.
  • Putting the idea engine to work-There are 4 task in this lesson. (1) Set up at least 5 google alerts. (2) Use Q and A sites to drum up 15 questions people are asking. (3) Reward yourself for your hard work thus far. (4) Continue working on your site in the next 10 days (during the break.)

After you finish Phase one, you will be proud of yourself for what you have accomplished.

Phase 2-Content, Keywords, And Conversions

Affiliate Bootcamp
Phase 2. Affiliate Bootcamp




Next, we will go into the next phase. How to write content, find keywords and getting conversions. This is the best part of the course:

  • Creating readable content that converts-There are 3 tasks in this lesson. (1) Create one more blog post (on a topic of your choice.) (2) Make your existing content more readable (update pages.) (3) Share at least 3 pages at WA via social network or email.
  • Properly using affiliate links-There are 5 tasks in this lesson. (1) Understand how to get your affiliate links from any page at WA. (2) Create a pretty link WordPress plugin. (3) Create a pretty link for each affiliate links on your website. (4) Centralize your Wealthy Affiliate offer (link to the review page where applicable.) (5) Add affiliate links to all products you have reviewed.
  • Understanding keywords and a day of selling-There are 5 tasks in this lesson. (1) Watch the understanding the importance of keyword video. (2) Watch the alphabet soup technique video. (3) Come up with 10 selling keywords. (4) Write an article that targets selling keywords. (5) Sign up for a free Jaaxy account.
  • Lesson 2, Bootcamp
    The lessons you will get in this Phase

  • Creating reviews and using Targeted Keywords-There are 3 tasks in this lesson. (1) Review a theme template. (2) Create a spreadsheet and track your reviews. (3) Write a review on a new product.
  • Take a break and catch up-There are 2 tasks in this lesson. (1) Catch up on any unfinished tasks. (2) Share at least 2 pages at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Backing up your website-There are 2 tasks in this lesson. (1) Backup your WordPress site (use one of the techniques suggested.) (2) Create one page of content.
  • Enhancing your website Experience-There are 4 tasks in this lesson. (1)Reorganize your top menu (add drop-downs if available.) (2) Create a new custom menu (for your widget) (3) Add your new custom menu in your sidebar. (4) Share at least 3 pages within WA.
  • Building more content through internal links-There will be 3 tasks with this lesson. (1) Create a list of 5 content ideas from your existing pages (include page URL.) (2) Create one post based off of your new content idea. (3) interlink this post from your website.
  • Write a review and share-There are only 2 tasks to do in this lesson. (1) Write a Product review. (2) Share your review here at Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Offering bonuses, the easy WA-This last lesson in this phase has 3 tasks you must complete. (1) Incorporate some sort of bonus within WA review page. (2) Update your automatized referral message within WA. (3) Take a 10-day break (remember to keep working on your site, though.)

This will complete the 2nd phase of the training. Now you should be surprised how your website is looking. I bet you it’s awesome looking.

My Final Words

Now you have the 1st two phases of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. Aren’t you excited now? I know when I first saw it, that I was very excited. At first, excited but a skeptic. I took a chance with Wealthy Affiliate and glad that I did. Now I have this great looking Website. At least in my eye. Wealthy Affiliate will help you to get it looking better with each lesson.

I’ll sign out now. First, let me thank you again for visiting me here at Blog Central. Please, if you have any questions or would like more information about Wealthy Affiliate, leave them below and I will get back with you.






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