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 The Web Hosting Review

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. Today, I will be doing a review on Hostgator. Is this a great place to host my website? It is a great place to purchase a website. I will be going to these questions and more.

  1. Name: Hostgator
  2. Website: hostgator.com
  3. Price: Starting at $3.96
  4. Owner: Endurance International Group
  5. Rank: 70 out of 100


There are a lot of places where you can get a website and host it.  I’ll do a review on Hostgator because I did get a website from them and for a time, they hosted my website.  I’ll go over the pricing. Also, I will tell you why my ranking for them was a 70 and not higher.

I don’t want to downgrade them because they are a very good place to get a website. Also, they are alright for hosting your site. I found a different place to host my site which I will discuss at the end of this post.

Pros And Cons Of Hostgator


  1. Good Website
  2. Plenty of templates to choose from
  3. Reasonable prices
  4. BBB approved with an A+


  1. Bad support (Takes too long to get help)
  2. Lack Training.

Who will benefit using Hostgator

Hostgator is for anyone that wants to start a website. Either for fun or for business use. They have several plans to choose from. The control panel is excellent. There are plenty of places to get websites from, but Hostgator is, to me, one of the best places to get a website.

Training And Tools

When I was with Hostgator, I didn’t see a whole lot of training. They do have a video series that does guide you in the right direction. The only problem with the videos is some of them didn’t have sound. Now I don’t know if it was my computer or not, but I have never had that problem on other sites. That is the con I mentioned above.

They do have Weebly website builder. The tutorial does help you get your website build in a few easy steps. So that I do credit them with that. There really is no training that helps you get started with building a blog.


BBB complaints against HostGator

When I was with Hostgator, they did have a thing call Gator Crossing which I was subscribed to. I guess it’s kinda of like a forum. They would give you updates about what’s going on with Hostgator and up to date news.

If you have any problems, you can send a support ticket in and they would help you. The problem I saw with that is sometimes the response would take a few days. Which can be devastating because when you having problems, you get stuck and can’t do anything until they help you?

I did have a problem that they could not help me with. That’s one reason I was glad that I found another Hosting company I could go to. I join Hostgator affiliate program, but every time I tried to set up the link it would not work. I sent a support ticket in, but they could not help me. That’s one thing I did not like about them.

So far with Wealthy Affiliate, I sent them a support ticket and they answered right away. They fixed the problem I had in a matter of minutes. That’s one reason I changed hosting company.

Price Options

Hatchling plan
The Hatchling Plan with Hostgator

Hostgator has several plan options you can choose from. The prices range depending on which plan you think might fit you or your business.

Just look it over and see which plan would fit you best.

The Hatchling Plan

The first plan you can get is the Hatchling plan. With this plan, you get a single Domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and a shared SSL certificate. This plan is only $3.96 a month. If you think about it that is not that bad. If you are short on money, you can go with this plan and upgrade at a later date.

The Baby Plan

Baby plan
The Baby Plan with Hostgator

The next plan that Hostgator offer is the Baby Plan. With that, you get an unlimited domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and shared SSL certificate. The cost of getting this hosted is $6.36 a month

The Business Plan

The last plan Hostgator offer is the Business Plan. You get an Unlimited domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free private SSL and IP, and a Toll-free number. That way you can talk to a tech live and get any issues you might be facing resolved

The last 2 plans are good because you can have as many domains you want. Domains are pretty cheap. You can get a domain name anywhere from $12.00 to $20.00 a year. I would recommend getting a .com. If not available next would be.Org or.Net. I would not get any of the other ones unless it was absolutely necessary.

Business plan
The Business plans with Hostgator
Unlimited Web Hosting







My final verdict on HostGator was pretty high. I gave them a 70 out 100. The reason is, they have great hosting plans. Because of the support and lack of training is the reason  I did not give them a higher rating.

BBB report card on Hostgator

This was one of the reasons I went to Wealthy Affiliate. The training is great. The community is awesome. The price might be a little high at $47.00, but I’ll tell you it’s worth every penny. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate Review that I wrote and I’ll let you be the judge.

My Final Words

There you have it, my review on Hostgator if you have any comments or question fill free to leave them below. I would be glad to hear from you. Thank you again for visiting blog central. Where your reviews count.





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