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Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp

Hello, welcome once again to Blog Central. Today’s topic will be on the affiliate BootCamp that wealthy affiliate offers.

I’m going to continue the series that I have started. I’m walking you through Wealthy Affiliate. I want you to see for yourself what kind of training we offer here at Wealthy Affiliate. You can go  back to the beginning and read more of Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. An Honest Way To Make A Buck
  2. An Honest Way To Make Money Online
  3. Make Money From Home
  4. What Is Affiliate Bootcamp

That’s where we will start today. There are 7 phases of the Bootcamp training here at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ver went through 2 of the phases already. This post will be in phase 3 and 4. I’m sorry I can’t put it all in one post, but hey, there are so much, I want to make sure I don’t miss anything.

So, let’s start going through our Bootcamp.

Phase 3-Giving Your Site Social Value

WA Bootcamp
Got to give your site some social love

We start with Phase 3-Giving Your Site Social Value. You need to learn the importance of Social Value when marketing your business. There are 10 lessons in this Phase.

  • Making Your Site, Social With Plugins-There are 4 tasks that you will need to complete: (1) Install and Active the Sociable plugin. Before you do this one, you can search for other social media plugins. I didn’t really care for the one they offer here, but that’s just me. There are a lot of great ones out there. (2) Set up your social account. (3) Share your Wealthy Affiliate review within all of your social networks. (4) Create and publish one new page or post on your website.

    Phase 3
    These are 10 great lessons

  • Making your social profiles brand friendlyThere are 4 tasks to complete in this lesson: (1) Update your Facebook profile to include your website. Open a fan page also. (2) Update your Twitter profile and description to include your website. (3) Update your google+ occupation to include your website. (4) Add your website to your Wealthy Affiliate Profile.
  • How to create socially engaging content-There are only 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Create a socially engaging post. No worries, this is not as hard as you think. (2) Share your new post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. (3) Add your post URL to the discussion thread. That means you just go up to your browser, copy the post and go to the thread and paste it. people will give you feedback.
  • It’s all about making friends with Google-There are 2 tasks for this lesson: (1) Add yourself as a contributor to your site. (2) Create a new post and add it (with engagement) to Google+
  • Take a social hiatus-There are 3 tasks for you to complete: (1) Catch up on any unfinished tasks. (2) Join in the “Nothing has this” discussion. (3) Take a break.
  • Power writing gone wild!-There are only 2 tasks in this lesson: (1) Write for the next 30 minutes (timed) (2)
    WA Bootcamp
    phase 3 lesson 1, this is where it starts.


  • Adding Google analytics to your site-You have 4 tasks to complete in this lesson: (1) Create a Google Analytics account. (2) Install Google Analytics on your site. (3) Create one new post or page. (4) Share your new post on your social network.
  • Leveraging the Jaaxy affiliate program-There are 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Set up your Jaaxy account. (2) Create a blog post related to keyword research. (3) Incorporate the Jaaxy search plugin into your new post.
  • Making Promotional use of your sidebar-There are 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Select a banner you want to use. (2) Add your selected banner to the sidebar widget. (3) Create a new product review post.
  • Build, build, and build!!-This last lesson only has 2 tasks: (1) Join in the “Getting good at anything” discussion. (2) Spend the next 20 days “building your website.

This phase has a lot of great information. You do not want to miss out on this. Now let’s go to the next phase.

Phase 4-Get Visual, get aesthetic, get a brand through….

WA Bootcamp
Phase 4, learn to write great content

This is getting interesting, isn’t it? We moving in on some great stuff. So let’s get started with the last lesson for the day.

  • Introduction to website design-There is only 2 tasks in this lesson: (1) Reshape your Wealthy Affiliate review and add appeal to it. (2) Socially share your Wealthy Affiliate reveal again, encourage feedback.

    WA Bootcamp
    Easy to understand

  • An image says a thousand things-There are 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Create a Pinterest account. (2) Create a new blog post and pin. (3) Create at least 5 more pins and organize them appropriately.
  • Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate Videos for…-You will have 3 tasks for this lesson to complete: (1) Create a blog post and incorporated a WA video. (2) Share your new page on all social channels (including Pinterest). (3) Share your new post and comment on at least one.
  • Creating logos and images-There are 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Using cool text to add text-based images to your site. (2) Create a textual logo using an online tool. (3) Add your new logo to your website.
  • Give yourself a break-You will have 2 tasks in this lesson: (1) Take a break. (2) Catch up on unfinished tasks.
  • Creating an effective Jaaxy review-There are only 2 tasks in this lesson: (1) Create a Jaaxy review. (2) Share your post.
  • Research Jaaxy keywords, then show, and tell-There are 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Research and find 5 Jaaxy appropriate keywords. (2) Create a page or post targeting a topic related to keyword research. (3) Link to your Jaxxy review.

    WA Bootcamp
    Learn about great content writing

  • Pinning habits lead to Pinterest power-You will have to complete 4 tasks in this lesson: (1) Add at least 7 or 8 board to your Pinterest account. ( Do your best to fill them up). (2) Follow at least 10 people on Pinterest. (3) Add your Pinterest URL to the Discussion thread. (4) Pin, at least, five pages via your Affiliate Links.
  • Creating your own video-There are 2 tasks in this lesson: (1) Test out at least one of the suggested video creator. (2) Create one video teaching someone about Wealthy Affiliate (practice video).
  • A lesson on customer perspective-There is 2 tasks in this lesson: (1) Create one page or post using your knowledge on perspective. (2) Create a plan for the next 20 days and follow it.

This completes Phase 4. You should be feeling great right about now. So Congrats on making it this far.

My Final Words

There you have people. We have just gone through the next two phases of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. All these Phases are easy to follow. You can go back to them as much as you need to. Plus, you will have the community helping you if for any reason you get stuck.

We still have 3 more phases to go through. So next we will go over phase 5 and 6. I hope to see you here ready for them. Seeing how this is a very good training platform.

If you have any questions please leave them below. Any suggestions or other comments are welcomed. Let’s stay in touch.

Again, thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central. I look forward to seeing you again.




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