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Hello, welcome to Blog Central. Today’s topic will be on one of the best keyword tools around today. That is Jaaxy.

I have found, what I think is the Top Keyword Tool. That tool is part of Wealthy Affiliate, you can join Wealthy Affiliate on the free starter membership and have access to this tool. You really need to check this out.

Starting a new campaign, use Jaaxy

All of you should know to have a successful blog or website you got to have great Keywords that will rank you in the search engines. Along with those Keywords, you have to have great content. That’s is the hardest part of starting a blog or website is finding the right keywords. But Jaaxy will help you overcome those frustrations of finding the right keywords for your post.

There are 3 levels that you can join with Jaaxy, Enterprise is the last choice because it offers so much. I’ll get into that in a bit. I’ll go over all 3 levels with you, just to give you an idea what they have to offer:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

This is what I thought about Jaaxy, I gave them a high rating because you can’t beat this awesome tool:

  1. Product: Jaaxy
  2. Owner: Kyle
  3. Price: Varies depending on the plan you go with
  4. Rating: 98 out of 100

So if you are serious about having your own blog, this is a must tool to have.

The 3 Levels of Jaaxy 

I’ll go ahead and talk about the 3 plans that Jaaxy offer. You can get the one that you think will work for you. I found when I joined Wealthy Affiliate and checked out Jaaxy, I was amazed at the great keywords if gives you. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it, there is some training so you won’t be lost.

Just like Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy has an Affiliate Program. So you can promote them and get paid to do so. To join their Affiliate Program, you don’t even have to be a paid member. So once you join, start promoting them, tell your friends. Put it on your blog.


Free, everybody loves the word free. With Jaaxy, you can join for a free Account. That way you can get the hang of it and see if it will do you any good. With the free account, you can get 30 free keyword searches. That’s enough to get your feet wet and get some good quality posts out there.

Jaaxy, the only tool you need

You just put the keyword you are targeting into the search bar, it will give you a whole list of great keywords you can use. The good thing is you can save all the keywords you are targeting. You just check which ones you want to keep and hit the save button. Just one of you searches should be enough for more than a few posts.

So I would recommend for you to at least sign-up and check it out. Let your business grow. Without great keywords, you will get nowhere. You can see a screenshot below. I’ll tell you what you get with the free account:

  1. 30 keyword searches
  2. 5 results for Alphabet Soup search
  3. Site Rank Analysis
  4. Website Analyzer
  5. Affiliate Program Finder
  6. Keyword List Manager
  7. Brainstorm Idea Feed
  8. 1 time the speed
  9. Affiliate Program

This is great for people who are just getting started.


I found the Pro plan not to be that bad for the price they are asking. The Pro plan is just $19.00 and you get a lot more than the free version. So believe me, when I say that it is worth the price. Remember to make money you have to spend money.

Use the plan that fits your needs

You will get unlimited keyword searches. So Jaaxy will be your life saver whenever you need it. If money is tight, use the free version until you get some sales and BAM, upgrade. This is what you get for the Pro Version:

  1. Everything in the Free plan
  2. Unlimited keyword searches
  3. Keyword Competition
  4. Instant Competition(QSR)-Manuel
  5. 15 Results for the Alphabet Soup search
  6. Domain Availablity-Manuel
  7. 2 tabs on the Multi-Tabbed search
  8. SEO Analysis
  9. Search History
  10. 2 times the speed

The Pro plan is mainly for New Websites, but anyone can use it and get the most out of it.


The Enterprise plan is a must to look over. The price can be pretty steep if you are just starting out, but you can work yourself up to that point. Its original price is $69.00 a month, but you can get it for $49.00 a month and be locked in at that price.

You get some great features by going to the Enterprise level:

  1. Feature #1: Understanding Exact keyword competition instantly-You gets instant competition data for all keywords.
  2. Feature#2: Getting down to the bottom of where your website is ranked instantly-Instead of searching through Google to see where your site rank, you can instantly search the 1st 200 results in Google with their site search function that is 10 times faster in Jaaxy Enterprise.
  3. Feature #3: Becoming successful domain buyer, Instantly-The instant Domain results within Jaaxy Enterprise are unparalleled in the industry and no other tool or service offers this insight. Instantly find high-value domains, exact match domains, and build up your domain portfolio.
  4. Feature #4: Screen and sort your keyword results instantly-This allows you to pre-sort columns so the results come in sorted for maximal efficiency.
  5. Feature #5: Data that matters instantly-The team at Jaaxy has put together a tool that delivers only the most important data.
  6. Feature #6: A mobile research solution-You can access Jaaxy from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection…and on any device.
  7. Feature #7: Feature #7: Access all Enterprise only updates/Betas-As a member you are going to get exclusive access to brand new systems and product that we are going to be released exclusively to the Jaaxy Enterprise membership.

So the Enterprise works for anyone and the power users. You get everything that you see with the free and pro plan plus more as you can see with the Features. So I recommend that you get on board if you are serious about internet marketing.

Rating and Final Verdict 

My final verdict on Jaaxy is a positive one. This is probably one of the best and I mean the best keyword tools around. Jaaxy will save you a lot of time in your quest of having a successful business.

I gave them a rating of 98 because out of all the keywords tools I have found does not compare to Jaaxy. I recommend to give it a trial run and see what it will do for you.

My Final Words

I hope that you have enjoyed this review on Jaaxy. You will be amazed at what this tool can do for you. If you have any question, comments or would like some help to get started with Jaaxy, please leave them below.

Goodbye and thanks once again for visiting Blog Central.








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