Reviews/Good Or Bad!!!!!!!

Hello, how is everyone?hope everyone one is having a great day. You know something? I just realized that my review page is not there and I can’t find it. HAHAHA. Don’t know what happened to it. Maybe I deleted it on accident.

Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate has a high rating by most that do reviews on them

Anyway, I’m going to write another one.

If you go to my Important Pages, there on the right, you will see them. Well, that is where this page was. I like to keep them to let you know what my site is about. I write reviews. Whether for my benefit or yours. Whichever.

I explained and direct you to a few of my reviews.

Importance Of Reviews

Check out anything online before joining

Reviews are important when you are blogging. You want to keep your readers informed when new things are taking place. Especially if you want to be honest. Keep your readers informed on what is new and good, along with new and bad.

That’s why I do reviews on good products and services and the bad.

I want my readers to stay away for the scams. I hate, I mean I really hate people to get ripped off. I despised the ones that put out these scams. They should be dealt with. But no one cares because they are still allowed to post the garbage they post.

That’s why people like me are around. To hope and keep you informed and not to give your money away to these creeps.

The Good Reviews

Good Reviews
I have some good reviews you can read

I have written a lot of Good Reviews. Why wouldn’t I? After all, these are the ones that are trying to make a name for themselves. They are just trying to make a name for themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s the ones I wrote about with a Bad Review. They are the ones trying to ruin it for all of us that are trying to be the good ones.

But it’s hard when the bad people are taking it away from the ones trying to do it the right and honest way.

Here are some of the Good Reviews.

I have done 2 on Wealthy Affiliate, one was the first post I have ever written. The other was after I have been with them for a year. I’m still with them and it’s almost been 3 years. I have written a review on mystery shopping and Clickbank. I’ve written a few other good reviews.

The Bad Reviews

Bad Reviews
Check out my bad reviews before spending money

Yes, I also write bad reviews. You really should read reviews of a company, either you’re dealing online or offline. Always check them out first.

Just to name a few, I’ve written a bad review for, Herbalife, NuLegacy and a few more you should look over before sending anyone your money.

Be careful out there. This is a cruel, cruel world.

My Final Words

Remember, always check out a business before dealing with them. Don’t be scammed. I know you are in a hurry to start making money. Put in the work and you will do fine.

Don’t fall for those that say you don’t have to do any work, we do it all for you and you make money. Be careful about the ones that say you can make $700, or $1000 a day. Best likely it’s a scam. Look them up first, read as many reviews about them that you can. Most are from people who have tried it.

If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them. Leave them for me