Part Survey Review, Read This Before You Sign Up!!!

Part Survey Review

Part Survey
Read this review first

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Is legit? Read this before you go any further with this company. I found this website on Craiglist. I go to Craiglist every so often just to see what they offer. As I was strolling through the work at home jobs I came across this website called part survey. I clicked on it and signed up with them. Here is what this review will cover:

  1. Product: Part Survey
  2. Website
  3. Price: Free
  4. Rating: 0 out of 100
  5. Final Verdict 

This short review will be on them. I say short because there is really nothing to say about them that is good. Well, this survey company is just a waste of time. You won’t lose any money by joining with them. So as far as that go, it’s not a waste of money, it’ just a waste of time.

Product And Website

Part Survey
You need to make $700 before you can cash out

Now, this is what’s up. All you have to do is first sign up with them at Next start watching adds. All the surveys are videos so it’s easy, at least it sounds easy. The videos are only 2 to 5 minutes so that’s not that bad. You can finish in less than 15 minutes.

They only allow you 3 videos a day. You will receive $14 a survey. That’s a big $42 a day. Now, you tell me, does that sound good? Yes, it does. It sounds so sweet. You will be thinking to yourself, easy money.


Part survey
Sounds good, doesn’t it?

They tell you that you can cash out once you reach $700. I’m at $800 and tried to cash out. Nothing. That’s right nothing. Every time I do, it says sending……

But it never comes. I tried contacting this company but they never reply back to me.

you can give them a try and see if you have any luck.

Price, Rating And Final Verdict

Part Survey is free to join. It does not cost anything, that is why earlier I said that it’s not a waste of money but was a waste of time.

Part Survey
It’s free to join, let me know if you make any money

You spend all that time and you don’t get a dime. Afer I joined, I looked at other reviews and realized that they were not good. No one ever got paid.

That is why I give them a 0 out of 100.

I would at least gave them a little higher score if they would have at least reply back to my emails I sent. But they couldn’t even do that. I sent one the other day and still waiting.


So my Final Verdict on the part survey is a scam. Not a money scam but a waste of time scam. Your time could be better spent doing other things. Like trying to find the right online job.

My Final Words

I have found that some surveys are legit. This is not one of them. I tried this one and tried getting the money, but they have failed to do so. You can try it and if you get money from them, I will rewrite this review.

There are a few I find legit but you will not get rich doing them. Here are some that you might want to try:


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