Paid Surveys, Are They Scams Or Can You Really Make Money

Paid Surveys, Are They Scams

Hello, Welcome to Blog Central. I’m writing this review to see if these so called paid surveys companies or a scam or not.

Are Paid Surveys really a scam or can you really make money doing them? Are they a waste of time and a waste of email space? Those will be some of the questions that I will try and answer for you along with plenty more insights on doing paid surveys. Read this before you start trying to make money doing these surveys that promise you will make a lot of money.

  1. Product: Paid survey
  2. Price: Free
  3. Rating: 35 out of 100



paid survey
Serious, can you really make money

I’m not sure if calling them a scam is a right word? But calling them legit is not the right word either. This is kind of a touching business to get into. I don’t know anyone that has made money doing surveys. When I first started looking for an online business I could do from home, paid surveys popped into my mind. This was probably 4 or 5 years ago. I tried doing these for a long time until finally, I gave up on them. Don’t get me wrong, maybe there are legit and easy survey companies out there, but I have not found them yet.

There are hundreds and hundreds of survey companies out there. I’ll name a few and maybe some of them I’ll give you their websites if you would like to check them out. I’ll leave it up to you if you decide you would like to try it. If you make money on them, hey, I want to know. So let’s get started.

First, let me say one thing before we get started. I did buy a survey list for like $30.00 or something. The survey companies didn’t work out, but they did have some mystery shopping companies.  That was the only good thing about the list I got. So it was not completely a waste of money. I did a review on mystery shopping you can check it out. It might be something you might want to try.


Hard to qualify for these surveys

Now Paid Survey can waste a lot of your time. Most of the ones I had tried, you had to qualify for certain surveys. That was hard in itself. I really don’t know what they were looking for because I rarely ever qualify for them. Your inbox would be filled with emails from the companies wanting you to take a survey. I would go through a few of them, try and qualify but the same thing. Sorry, you do not qualify for this survey. What really gets me is that most of the qualifying questions were the same. So what the heck did they want from me? How do you qualify?

I want to name some of the companies that I tried. Some of these say you can make from $25.00-$75.00 a survey and that was bull. Complete lies. These companies would pay anywhere from $1.00-3.00 a survey. That is a big difference, let me tell you. Don’t get me wrong, you do qualify for some of them. But to get to the threshold of what they wanted to pay would take forever. Some paid in gift cards. Well anyways here are a few of the companies, I’ll give you the website to a few of them. Also some of these companies, you earn points instead of money. They don’t tell you this until after you sign up for them.

  • Ipsos i-say
  • My Survey

    Quick, yeah right

  • Vindale
  • Toluna
  • Global Test Market
  • My View
  • Inbox Dollars

These are just a few of Survey companies that I had joined in the past. Now let be see if I can clarify some of these survey companies and explain what they offer.

Ipsos i-say-This Company promises $15.00 to $95.00 a survey, but I have yet to see any for these amounts. Maybe a couple of bucks if you even qualify.

My Survey
Do you want to be part of them

My survey-This survey company is based on points. You can get 15 to 35 points for pre-screening questions. You can get up to 1,000 points if you qualify for the surveys. For every 1,000 points equal to $10.00. That’s if you qualify for any of them, which again is hard to do. Also, you can win points in the sweepstakes. I was with this company for a good while but never won the sweepstakes.

Vindale-This company is very time-consuming. For taking surveys, they offer $1-$5 a survey. Again if you qualify. They also offer Evaluations. That’s where you can evaluate a product or service and they will pay you from $5 and $75. These pay the most, but I never had an offer for such services. You also can get 10 cents for ready emails and 25 cents for watching videos. You have to make $50.00 to cash out, which can take a very long time to do.

This company also have had a lot of complaints. People would get some of their payments, but after a while, they would put your payments on hold. Sometimes you would never get your payments.

Toluna-another company that is very time-consuming. Another company that stretches the truth about what you can make. The promise that you could make $20-$25 a survey, which is about 30,000 points. You know how long it can take you to accumulate that kind of points. If it makes you feel better, they offer 500 points just for signing up. After that, it’s up to you to qualify to take these surveys.

They have had complaints also, for one the surveys are too long and after said and done, you will make under what minimum wage. Also, you could spend up to 20 minutes answering the prescreen question to qualify, but then they tell you sorry, you do not qualify. That really can be frustrating.  Another thing, after a year from the time you acquire the points, they will expire. So tell me what’s the point.

Global market test-When I was with this company, they would send unsurmountable emails to my inbox. Like all the rest, you have to qualify to take these surveys. It was pretty hard. Most of these surveys take about 10-20 minutes to take and you get anywhere from 1 point to 5 points. That only equals to about 5 cents, so you tell me, do you think that is worth it?

Global Marketing
Have to save a lot of points to get rewards

You have to get 1100 points to request payment. For every 1000 points, you get, that equals to $50.00. They pay you through PayPal or you can get a gift card to select stores that they offer. To even get $50.00 at 5 cents a survey will take a good while.

My View-This company mainly deal in gift cards. The gift cards they offer is Amazon, Donations to charity, I tunes, Merchandise, Restaurant, Visa, Retail, and Walmart gift cards. You can also be entered into their Sweepstakes and win cool stuff. They offer their members a chance to take online surveys, and product surveys.

To redeem your points, you need about 13,000 points equals to $10.00 to get any kind of rewards. That’s assuming you qualify to take surveys. They pay at least 100 points per survey. So you tell me, is it worth it?

InBox Dollars
They pay but takes forever to gain

InBox DollarsThis company, at least, I thought showed promise. This company is very hard to qualify for just like all the rest. It takes about 20 minutes to fill out the pre-qualification survey. Which can be very frustrating? You can make money, but it can take a very long time. You have to get $50.00 before you can cash out. As far as paying, it can take weeks if not months to get paid.

They have other offers you can do to make money. You can buy stuff or buy stuff that is a trial offer. If you buy the stuff they offer you won’t make anything. The trial offers are good if you cancel after the trial. That’s assuming you can get them to cancel. Sometimes these people don’t take cancer for an answer. So if you ask me, I don’t think they are worth it either. Oh yeah, almost forgot, they give you a $5.00 bonus for signing up.

Price and rating

The price to join these and other survey companies are free, at least, all the ones I’ve seen. They do stretch the truth a little about how much they pay and what they offer. You can find a lot of reviews about survey companies, so I would check them before signing up. I left some links to some of them if you would just like to check them out. You can join them and try them yourselves. To me at least, they were a waste of my time.

I probably gave them a higher rating than they deserve, but I can’t really say they are an outright scam. Because you can take survey’s and maybe make money with them, but they are very hard. So a 35 out of a 100 is not too bad for these survey companies.

Final Verdict

My Final Verdict on survey companies is a scam in a sense that they mislead you and don’t really tell you what you are getting into until you sign up. You won’t make a lot of money taking survey’s, there are legit way’s to make money online. That is why I’m here to share and try and find good legit ways to make money.

My Final Words

If it was not for Wealthy Affiliate, I would not be writing this blog post to you right now. If you look at my site, Wealthy Affiliate has made this possible and I’m still learning every day on making my site better. You can join a free starter membership and check out other sites that they have made possible with all the training they offer.

If you try any of these survey companies or if you know the one that really works please leave a comment. I want to hear from you. Thank you, this from blog central.









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