Mystery Shopping Review, How To Start?

Mystery shopper
This book got me started

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. This post is a little different than my other posts. You can do this online, but you do have to go to an actual store to get the work done.

  1. Product: Mystery Shopping
  2. Price: Free
  3. Rating: 95 out of 100
Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping is a great business


Have you ever wanted to be a mystery shopper? Do you like to eat out or get things for free? Maybe go see a ball game or go to an amusement park? That’s what this review will be about. Taking part as a mystery shopper. Is it for real or not?

  1. Kinds of Mystery shops                                     
  2. Route Shoppers
  3. Price:$0.00
  4. Summary and Rating

So just sit back and read. If you are interested in starting, I will tell you how I can help you to get in some of the mystery shopping companies that I’m working for.

How I Got Started

When I was growing up, as a teenager I worked at McDonald’s, I also worked for Whataburger off and on. That is when I first heard of mystery shopping. We use to have to watch out for when they came in. They would give us an idea about when, but we would get caught off guard because we would get so busy.

Mcdonalds, eat for free.

When I first started as a mystery shopper, about 5 years ago, it was after I quit Whataburger for the last time. I was wondering, “well how do I get started”? I started researching how to start as a mystery shopper. I came across a book called how to make money as a Mystery Shopper. Usually, I don’t like to pay for something I’m not sure is real. This is when I first started looking for an online job. Well, I went ahead and paid the $33.95 for the book.

When The book arrived, which I was surprised, I thought it would be some sort of scam and I would not get the book. I looked the book over and read every page. There were so many Mystery shopping companies I couldn’t believe it.

I started going to some of the sites and applying for them. To my surprise, they accepted me. Mystery shoppers are in demand. That is because there are so many businesses out there, they want to know how they are doing. Mystery shopping is one way that they can see and make sure people are doing their job and satisfying the customers.

Get a few items you need for free.

I thought this book was the best investment I have ever made. Because of my regular job, I don’t have time to do a lot of them, but I still do them and enjoy it. For those of you who have a lot of time on your hands, this is for you.

Different Kinds Of Shops

Everybody that you can think of has some kind of Mystery Shops.

  1. Retail: Best Buy, Frys, Walmart, Target
  2. Cell phones: Car toys, Cricket, T-mobile
  3. Restaurants: Whataburger, Jack and the Box, Wendy’s
  4. Amusement parks: The zoo. Waterparks. 6 flags.

These are just a few of the kind of shops you can do. There is a bunch more. Such as bar integrity shops if you drink. Also casual dining and car dealerships. Those you can get a free oil change and get paid a fee for doing them. You can find online shops and telephone shops. Also, they have bank shops, and during the tax season, you can do tax services. Those pay really well.

Route Shoppers

I get the Jobs mystery shopper magazine in my inbox about every other week. They have articles about other shoppers and they review some of the mystery shopping companies and give you their website if you want to sign up.

I’ve only heard negative reviews on a couple of these companies they talk about. In fact, I was signed up for a couple of them. I have sent deleted and unsubscribed to them. On the most part, most of them are really good. It’s just some pay you late or short you. I’ll keep you away from those companies.

How about Route shoppers. Some people will do a route. They pay good and not much gas will be spent if you do them along a path. You can make a good living off of them doing them this way. You could do a few retail shops, maybe see a movie if they have those shops available. In between do a couple of restaurant shops.

So being a route shopper is a very good deal. Something you might want to think about.


Mystery Shopper
Walmart, they need to be looked at. That is for sure.

The price to be a mystery shopper should not cost you anything. You sign up for free and they start sending your shops to do.

If you are ever asked to pay to sign up, don’t do it. Best likely it’s a scam. You can start off with the easier shops first.

Summary And Rating

So there, you have It. If you like to eat and shop then this is for you. Especially for free. There are all kinds of shops and I can tell you first hand that they are legit. Unless of course, you have to pay to sign up.

I have given mystery shopping a high rating of 90 because they are legit and fun to do. The only downfall is some of the companies pay once a month and some of the online forms can be lengthy.

Some mystery shopping companies pay my check. Others pay my direct deposit. Which I use on some of the companies I work for. Most of them pay by PayPal. Which is a great way to pay and safe?

If you don’t have a PayPal account. It’s free to join. I think it’s a more convenient way to get paid.

So becoming a Mystery Shopper is easy and simple. So you don’t have search and I have the resources, I would be glad to give you some of the companies I work for at no charge. I’ll give you a couple of the easier ones and if you like doing them I can give you more.

Here is one of the companies I work for, Ace Mystery shopping. They do some restaurants, cell phones and they do menu audits. You just have to go take pictures of the menu at the restaurant they assign you to. Remember it’s free to join, so just click on the banner and check it out.

My Final Words

Mystery shopping can be fun. There is no cost to join. Remember if a company wants to charge you, then don’t sign up with them. Best likely it’s a scam. Have fun with it. there are tons of mystery shopping company that you can work for.

Like I said to start off with the easy ones. Once you get used to them, do some of the harder ones. You can even do video shops. Those are fun also.

If you would like some more information or you want me to send links to some of the companies that I’m registered with, then leave a comment below.



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