Must Have Plugins For WordPress, Get These 4

Must Have Plugins For WordPress

Get the plugins that can help your site
Hello, welcome to Blog Central. I will be writing the next 4 plugins you should want to use.  This is on top of the 5 that I have already written. Don’t worry, I will leave an index at the end of this post. That way you can go back through this series and read the other posts.

Some of these are not necessary but I do recommend them. They can help you out in one way or the other. Here are the four that I will be writing about:

  1. Comment Luv 
  2. Easy Translator
  3. Internal Link Building
  4. Facebook Like Button

All these plugins have their benefits. At least I hope that you will see that as you read about each one.

Comment Luv

Comment Luv
Give your and others websites some Luv

Comment Luv. This is a great plugin to have. It doesn’t only help you but it helps others that come to your website. When readers come to your site and read your post and they leave a comment, a link will be placed at the end of their last blog post.

For this reason, it has been found to increase comments and the spirit of the community of the thousand blogs that have installed it.

So not only your blogs but others blogs will be seen from other writers. Comment Luv can help build your list/network/community by giving them a chance to register to your site.

So give comments from other readers some Luv.


Easy Translator

Easy Translator
Let folks enjoy your website in their language

Easy Translator, this is another great plugin. You don’t want your audience to be only from the United States. You want people to come to your site from all over the world.  That is what Easy Translator will offer to you.

You can put this in your footer or header. That is where mine is, at the top right-hand corner. You just have to click on it and a drop down for all the countries they have will appear. Just pick which language you want to read it in.

internal link building
Get the internal link building plugin

This is a great plugin and I insist that you include this on your website. You will be glad you did and this plugin doesn’t take up a lot of room on your site.

Internal Link Building

Internal Link Building is an SEO plugin that can increase hits on your website. This plugin is used for inner linking of websites. This plugin can boom traffic and make linking easy in y0our website.

You can also use it to link your website to other websites.

So start building traffic with this plugin.

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Like Button, this is very handy. Even though you might have some other social media plugin on your site, this plugin doesn’t take up a lot of space. Also, it makes it easy for somebody to like your page/post by just hitting the like button.

Facebook like
There are plenty of Facebook like buttons to choose from

There is no kind of coding you need to add this to your site. It’s easy and simple. Plus, you have the option of adding or taking it away from certain pages/post. So you don’t have to put it on everything but it does help.

I highly recommend putting this on your website.

My Final Words

These are just simple plugins you can add to your site. You don’t necessarily need all these, but they can help. Just go to the Plugins and search for new plugins. They will give you a list of different ones you can use. Pick the one that fits you or the one you like.

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Go back and read these posts. I’m trying to give you a step by step when it comes to being a successful affiliate.

So if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. If you need any help getting started and you join the wealthy affiliate, I’m always here for you.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central. 







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