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Make Money From Home

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. Today’s topic is more on Wealthy Affiliate. The place where things can happen.

I’ve titled this post Make Money From Home. The reason is, with Wealthy  Affiliate you can make money, but it’s up to you. Wealthy Affiliate is here to help you establish a website and monetize it. After that, it’s up to you to work on it, get great content out there and build up traffic. This will not happen overnight, but you can make it happen. The community here at Wealthy Affiliate will help you get that done.

Before you read this post, make sure you read the other 2 post that I wrote. They explain other aspects of Wealthy Affiliate:

I still have a lot to go over about Wealthy Affiliate. That’s because they have so much to offer. All the necessary tools. This lesson will be the Live Chat and the SiteRubix, building your own website. When you visit the site, it’s the dark and blue tab to the left. Live chat is also to the right of your screen. Makes it easier to chat with other members here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Live Chat

There really is not much to say about Live Chat except that it’s just like it says. Live Chat. This is where you can come and meet new people. They are just normal people just like you and I. They are just looking for a way out of this rat race. They either want to earn extra money on top of what they already make or just want to be their own boss.

Live Chat
Come get to know people from Wealthy Affiliate

Anyway, you can go here if you need help. If you have a question, somebody in the Live Chat will usually have an answer for you. If they don’t have the answer, they will find it for you or tell you who might have the answer. Also, this is the place to just chat if you want.

You will meet people all over the world. From just about every country. All kinds of different people. If you are like me, that is so cool. I love to meet people from other countries. So you will make friends here, everybody here that I have seen is very helpful and friendly.

When you join Wealthy Affiliate, don’t be shy. Come into the Live Chat and get to know the people you will be working with. Never be afraid to ask a question. No matter how stupid you think it might be. The only dumb question is the question you don’t ask. So remember there is never a dumb question.

SiteRubix (Build Your Website)

SiteRubix, this is where it all starts for you. This is where your dreams can come true. SiteRubix is where it all starts here at Wealthy Affiliate. They use the best in blogging. WordPress. Yes WordPress, the best Blogging platform out there. It’s easy to use and they have all the tools to get you started.

Build a beautiful Website

When you join Wealthy Affiliate on the free membership, you will get 2 free Websites with SiteRubix. This will get you started, let you learn how to build a website. In less than 30 seconds, you can have your 1st beautiful looking website up. You will be so proud of yourself. As time goes by you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Create A website
Can be done in less time than you think

As a paid member, you can have 50 websites. 25 paid website and 25 free SiteRubix websites. To tell you the truth, that’s way too many sites. But hey, you never can tell, one day I might have that many. You won’t have to worry about finding somebody to host your websites. Wealthy Affiliate will host all your websites and you will pay the same. No increase in the price.


I just wanted to briefly write about WordPress. I wrote a post on WordPress before. You can check it out. But WordPress is user-friendly. I found WordPress to be easy when it comes to writing posts. They are so organized.

WordPress is a great place to start blogging

Besides Wealthy Affiliate teaching you how to blog, WordPress has its own little training to get you going.

They have plenty of different themes that you can work with. Just find the one that will fit your needs or you niche. For me, I like a simple theme with the widgets on the right side of my page. It looks a lot better. That’s just my opinion. Don’t let me influence you, you get the one that looks good for you.

You can get more than enough free plug-ins using WordPress. Images and Videos are easy to put in your posts, so no worries. Yes, folks, WordPress makes the life of a blogger so easy.

So sign up for a free membership and start taking advantage of SiteRubix.

My Final Words

That is the lesson about Wealthy Affiliate today. I’ll have more to say about them and about other things you should know when it comes to Blogging. Being with Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life. They make building a website easy. Come to the world of Blogging.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central. If you have any questions or would like to say anything, feel free to leave a comment.









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