Keyword Search Technique….3 Different Technique

Keyword Search Technique

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. Today’s topic will be on keyword search technique.

I’m going to walk you through some of the Keyword Search technique. After this post, I want you to be to be at ease when searching for Keywords. Face it to be successful at blogging you have to be able to find words people are typing into the search engines. Some of the ways you can do this are in 3 easy Technique:

  1. Short Tail Keywords
  2. Long Tail Keywords
  3. Alphabet Soup Method

Doing these simple Technique can go a long way when searching for Keywords. I’m going to walk you through these Techniques and hopefully, make it easier for you when checking for the right word(s) to use in your post. I’ll be using a keyword tool name Jaaxy to show you how to look up these words.

I’ll leave some screenshots so you will be able to see how this works.


Use the plan that fits your needs

Short Tail Keywords

Short Tail Keywords are broad keywords. For example losing weight is a Short Tail Keyword. This general target larger groups and less specific search engine searches.

Short Tail Keywords can be effective if done right. That is why I suggest Jaaxy, they have all the right tools when searching for Keywords.

When using Jaaxy, you will just put in what you are looking for as far as keywords go into the search bar. Since I have already used losing weight, we will use that. Once you have put into the search bar, you will get more than a few ideas what to use.

The search bar at Jaaxy
The search bar at Jaaxy

That is pretty broad, there is not a lot I can use as you can see below. Under the KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) are three colors. Red, you really want to stay away from. On this list, losing weights would not be a smart choice to go with.

Yellow is ok, would take a chance and go for one of these Keywords. If I was gonna go with one of these, I would probably go with losing weight quickly. The QSR (Quoted Search Result) This tells you the number of websites is ranked for this particular keyword. The lower the better, but you, at least, want to stay under 300. A 100 if possible. Losing weight quickly has 4148 searches The traffic is 706. So if I was going to take a chance, this is what I would probably go with.

Green is great, this is what you want to look for. You want to find one that makes sense. This list doesn’t have the greatest list. So I probably would go for losing weight eating. The QSR is not that bad, it’s at 194. It only gets 89 searches and the traffic is only 16. That don’t sound too good, but those are the ones that can be the most affected.

Short tail keywords
Examples of short tail keywords

Most newbies almost always go this route until they find other ways of searching. It’s fine, though, this can be as affected in any other ways, especially when using Jaaxy.

Long Tail Keyword

Now let’s see if I can explain a little about Long Tail Keywords. These Keywords can be described as narrow Keywords. They are mainly used for targeting a specific or niche market. Before I even started blogging, when I search for something, it’s always a long search. Losing Weight With A Treadmill can be considered as a long tail keyword.

Same thing applies here, in the search bar just type in Losing Weight with a Treadmill. You will get a list of keywords that will work for the topic you are writing.

long tail keywords
The search bar with long tail keywords

If you look below at the screenshot you will see the list. This list is pretty satisfying. There is only one that is yellow, so if you wanted to you could take a chance and use it. Looking at all the greens, I think I would choose one of those. Even the QSR is pretty low, so that is good.  If fact I would pick more than one of these. Just about all of these could be a future post.

long tail keywords
Long tail keywords

You can go for the short tail keywords, but more often than not I would probably go for long tail keywords. More people type in a longer search when searching for something.

Alphabet Soup

The Alphabet Soup way of looking for keywords is very interesting. It took me a little while to get used to how this works, but with Jaaxy, they make it so simple. As with the others, just type in the keyword that you are targeting. In this case, I’ll stick with losing weight. Just type in losing weight into the search bar.

alphabet soup
Just put in the keyword

After you put in losing weight, a list will pop up. As you can see with the 2 screenshots below, the first list has all the searches with An in it. The same with the second list except it gives you the searches with B and so on. Find the keywords you want to use and hit on that and it will give you the list of that word or words. This is a pretty good little trick when looking for keywords, this might be something you want to try.

I learned, in fact, the first time I ever heard about this method was through Wealthy Affiliate. You can check it out by clicking here. See what this method can do for you.

Alphabet soup
List of the Alphabet Soup method






My Final Words

So as you can see, finding Keywords don’t have to be complicated. You can sign up for a free Jaaxy account and test it out for yourself. You will get 30 free Keyword searches. That way you can test it yourself. If you like it and it’s working out for you, you can upgrade.

I did want to mention something I would like you to know about the Alphabet Soup method. You can go to google, yahoo, bing or whatever search engines. Type in what you are looking for. Then you can put an A after it and it will give you a list of what people are searching for. Continue this with each letter of the Alphabet.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central. If you have any questions about Jaaxy and any of these methods, please leave me a comment. Or if you just want to say hi. Good day to all.







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