Internet Marketing In 2017, It’s getting bigger

Internet Marketing In 2017

Internet Marketing
Kick your feet up, relax, open your laptop and start a business

Hello, welcome to blog central and HAPPY NEW YEAR. I do hope that everybody had a great Christmas. Now that we go into 2017, I feel that Internet Marketing real grower bigger than ever.

I know that you are tired of working for someone else. Making someone else rich while you stay where you are. With the age of technology, anything is possible. They way to go is to get into Internet Marketing. Build a website or two.

You won’t get rich overnight. It does require some work on your part. But you can do it with ease.

I’m going to discuss what will work in this coming year. So, take notes, bookmark or whatever way you need to come back to this post. Share it with friends. Even if it does no good for you. maybe it can help a friend.

Mobile Will Dominate

Mobile Phone
Mobile phones, more people are using them and still growing

Mobile will dominate these coming years and many years to come in the future. Google states that 74% of mobile users will revisit a site if it is mobile friendly. By the year 2018, nearly 2.8 billion people will use smartphones.

That is something else, isn’t it?

I’m still working on my sites and believe that they are mobile friendly. My site is easy to navigate on a mobile phone. So we all need to start thinking ahead. We need to stay up with the time.

Technology is growing and so should we.

Videos/Live Videos

YouTube is still the best video platform

YouTube is still big. People love watching videos. If you are already making videos, if you are not, then it’s time to get started. I plan on making a lot more this year than last. You should too.

You can make videos about your site or product, that’s all fine. Also, you should just make random videos of different things. People can learn a lot from a video. But if you just keep putting them same videos about your product, that’s all they know.So start making fun videos, let people see who you really are. yo

So start making fun videos, let people see who you really are. You can check my channel out.

Go Live with Facebook
Go Live on Facebook, this is catching on

Subscribe to it while you’re there.

Live videos are gonna be booming ion 2017. I’ve tried it on Facebook, it was pretty cool. Yeah, that’s right. Facebook, you can now make live videos. That is pretty cool.

If you don’t have a facebook account, it’s time. Social media is still booming, which I’ll get to in a few.

Voice Search

Voice Search
More people are google searching by using voice search

This is true, voice search. When I google from my phone or tablet, I almost always speak into my device. It makes it so much easier. If fact, ComScore, predicts by 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches.

When you use voice search, they speak differently. This is when you really has to get the buyer. What do they speak? What would be some good keywords? This is when long-tail keywords come into play. When you use the voice search, you tend to speak longer phrases.

Now would be the perfect time for you to get used to that and start searching for keywords differently.

Native Advertising

Native Advertising will be taking off this year. But a lot of people overlook them. Yes, I’m guilty of this. I’m an affiliate with Amazon and it took me almost a year to start using their Native Advertising.

Native Ads
Put native ads at the end of some of your pages/posts

I have just recently added on on this site. The last post I wrote. I think it looks pretty cool. You can put more than one category, that way if your niche has DVD, books, or whatever. You can then put a keyword in and there it is.

My other site, My Store For Women, I have them on almost every post. My other site is an online store for women. It’s powered my Amazon. Everything goes through Amazon and I get paid.

Anyway, if you are not testing them out, I suggest you get started.

My Final Words

So let’s stay up with times. Get into making videos, or creating native ads. Believe me, they will work. In fact below this post, I put some native ads for internet marketing. It’s all from Amazon. These will give you more material to train you on internet marketing.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central. If you have any suggestion or would like me to investigate any online businesses, please leave a comment.



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