How to Write Great Content For Your Website? Keep It Original and Informative

How To Write Great Content For Your Website

Content is king
It’s all starts with great content

What’s up, Welcome to Blog Central. I will continue my training series on building an affiliate website. I’m going through the process of how you should do it.

By now, you should have a hosting company, a great looking website of your own, and you should have a theme put in place. Also, I hope that you have signed up for a few affiliate websites so you can start promoting some great products. Do you have your plugins in place? I hope so!!!!

Now we get into the heart of things. That is, writing great content. You don’t want to rush things, though. So I would not put affiliate links right off the bat. You want to get your audience to trust you and get to know you. Show them that you are here to help them, not just here to try and drain their funds.

So write and have fun!!!!!


Find great keywords with wealthy affiliate

Writing great posts require great keyword research. You have to have great keywords to get ranked with the search engines. When you first starting out, take a little time and do your homework.It’s no use to write a great post if you don’t rank, so slow down.

There are 2 great keywords tools that I use to find my keywords. They are great. You can google and probably find other great ways to find keywords.

Sign up and get your free 30 keywords research

The first one I use is the keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great deal and comes with you premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate if you choose to upgrade and go that route. It really helps and can give you great ideas about what you will be writing.

The other tool I use is Jaaxy. They are another great way to get the ball rolling. With Jaaxy, you can sign up and get 30 free keyword searches just to try them out. If you do it right and you know for sure that you will get an idea with the first keyword you select, that could be 30 posts. That will give you plenty of time to decide if you should upgrade.

So good luck on the keywords.

Start Writing

This is what I have found. Once I start writing, the words come to me and I continue writing. Make sure that what you are writing will give enough information for your readings to understand. I see a lot of bloggers writing big words and think that is cool. I’m telling you it’s not. Write like that person is your friend.

When people find you, best likely they are looking for an answer to something. So you have to throw them a bone. Give them what they are looking for. Someplace on your site could be what they are looking for. When they find you, that is when you have them. That is why I say don’t always throw in affiliate links. You don’t need them in all your post. I admit I put them in a lot of my posts, but some I don’t.

Our goals as writers should be to helping people.

Here are 4 things to remember when writing. There are tons more but these 4 are a must:

Use Familiar Words

Content is king
Great content is the way to success

You should be using what is called care words. Like I said up above, people try to be fancy and use big words. Don’t do it. I mean just don’t do it. You don’t want to be something your not. Be yourself. Your audience doesn’t care how intelligent you are by using these big fancy words.

Don’t think that you are better than the person reading your blog. Because to tell you the truth, you are not better than them. People want to see words they recognize. Something they are familiar with. Relate to them. Don’t put yourself ahead of them. Put them ahead of you.

Write Orginal Content

I see this all the time. People will copy other peoples hard work. Don’t do that. Be original. What flows from your writing should come from you. Not other people. Plus if Google finds out, you will be penalized.

It’s okay to get ideas from other websites, but make sure you don’t copy word for word. Write it in your own words. You will get better rankings that way.

The key ingredient is honesty, be original and have fresh content. That is what will make you, not break you.

Get Visual

You love images and videos, so take advantage of it

Bring photos and videos into play. People love pics, they love looking at videos. Look how big youtube is. I know those of you reading this will probably pop over to watch my videos once I get it going. I’m just starting a video blog which I will be working on in the near future.

So remember, bring in the pics. When I go to your website, I will look at the videos and check your pics out. I usually write something under my pics. Kind of like an overview of how the pic is relevant.

Try it.

No Overstuffing

Yeah, right. Is that what you are thinking? Overstuffing, what does he mean by that?

Write naturally. Don’t worry about keywords as you are writing. Some of you, will write and try and stick a keyword in there, thinking that will help you rank. WRONG.

When you find the keywords you will be using, put it in the title and at least once in your article. I would try and put it at the beginning. As your writing and the keywords fit into what you are writing. If it doesn’t fit, don’t worry about it. Don’t try and stuff in there someplace.

Google doesn’t like that and in the long run, you will be happy you didn’t overstuff with keywords.

Write Your First Post

Now is the time. Go ahead. What are you waiting for? Write that first post.

Don’t be scared. Trust me. Once you start writing, everything will come together. You will start and won’t be able to stop until you are done.

When I first started this blogging thing, I didn’t know what I was doing. My writing skills just weren’t there. Sometimes, I think my writing skills are still not as good as they should be. But hey. I’m not perfect. You are not perfect. We are all the same, trying to live in a unperfect world.

Mistakes will happen and you will learn from those mistakes.

Good luck on that first post. Make it a good one.

My Final Words

There you have it. The steps to getting your website up and running. Start blogging and have fun doing it. Now the rest will be up to you. Work hard, write great keyword enrich articles and you should have no problem.

I’m going to leave the links to the rest of this training series for your pleasure. They are below:

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I have one more post that should complete this training and get you off on the right foot. It will be on Google Adsense and the sidebar of your website.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, leave comments below. I love hearing from everyone all over the world.

Also, I’m here to help you in any way I can. Leave those below if you need help or if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, you will find me there. Others in the Wealthy Affiliate family will be glad to help you. So don’t hesitate.

Thank you again for visiting me here at Blog Central.





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