How To Make Money On ClickBank As An Affiliate?

How To Make Money On Clickbank?

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON CLICKBANK? Clickbank, you are probably asking yourself, can you really make money on Clickbank? How does it work? Can I sell products on Clickbank?

Join ClickBank, get up to 75% commission

These and other questions that I will tell you about Clickbank. I have been with Clickbank for a while. When I first got my site from HostGator, I joined them. I had no idea until I joined Wealthy Affiliate, What I was doing. Since joining WA, I have learned a lot about affiliate marketing and enjoy it more. Anyway, that is another story.

Now we will get into Clickbank. I’ll discuss in my review, the following:

  1. What is Clickbank?
  2. Who is Clickbank for?
  3. Pros and cons
  4. Training at ClickBank
  5. Price-free/how to promote products
  6. Rating-90 out of 100
  7. Final Verdict

What is ClickBank?

First, an Affiliate is someone who promotes someone else’s product to a potential customer in exchange for a commission on that product. A Vendor is someone who has created a digital product and wants to sell it on ClickBank. Me I’m on the Affiliate side of things. Who knows, maybe after a while I might come up with a Digital Product and I could sell it?

Well anyway, that is what ClickBank is. They have vendors who sell their products and normal people like you and me that sell them for them. The best part is, we get paid. How sweet is that? With ClickBank, you can make up to 75% commission on the products you sell. The reason they are able to pay so much, is they don’t have all that overhead to worry about. Since it’s digital products, they just send it to your inbox at your email address.  So they don’t have to worry about shipping them and worry about the shipping and handling fee. They can afford to pay you more.

That’s the difference between ClickBank and Amazon’s Affiliate program. Amazon has to ship the product to you, so they only pay, I believe 4% to 10%. Don’t get me wrong, I like Amazon, I’m an Affiliate for them also.

Who is Clickbank for

The market place
The Market Place on ClickBank. Tons of great products.

ClickBank is for anyone who is tired of looking for an online job but keeps getting scammed all the time. If you are tired and tired, then you really should try being an Affiliate. At first, you can research it and try some of it for free. Being an Affiliate really don’t cost that much if you decide to go down that road. You can open a free blog at or Yes, WordPress does have a .com. That’s their free site. I’m using WordPress, but I’m paying for it. I wouldn’t stay on a free blogger platform for long. The free ones could change their terms and services and to find out, you violated them. They will shut you down.

Anyway, websites don’t run that much. When I found out how much it is to buy a website, I was really surprised. That’s the best way to get going. You can purchase a website for as low as $10 a year. You just need to find somebody to host it. I let Wealthy Affiliate host it. For $47 a month, the training is awesome. Plus with Wealthy Affiliate, you can get 2 free websites, and they will get you started on the right road. Clickbank is for anyone who doesn’t minds promoting someone else’s product. If that is you then sign up and give ClickBank a Try.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s free to join
  • Awesome training to get you started
  • Great Products
  • Some give you free banners to help your promotion
  • Gives you tools to help you advertise
  • Great Commissions
promote products
Pick a good product and learn to Promote them.

Joining ClickBank and other Affiliate companies are free to join. If you ever run across one that you have to pay, I wouldn’t join them. They do have some awesome training and advice to get you started. Hundreds and Hundreds of products to promote, depending on whatever niche you are into. Some of these companies will give you a website to go to where you can get free promotional items to put on your site. The commissions are up to 75%, so you can make money at it.


  • Some products are not guaranteed
  • ClickBank University

You do have to beware, just like any other company. Some products might not be guaranteed, I would check out a product before promoting it. If you don’t buy it, at least, research it and make sure it’s worth promoting. Oh Boy, that can ruin your reputation and kill your website. You don’t want that to happen to you. So always make sure products are worth selling. Also, they do offer a ClickBank University. It’s expensive, something like $99 a month. Finding Wealthy Affiliate and paying half that is worth it. You get the same training, I would guess and you learn how to sell products, except not only with ClickBank but other Affiliate companies.

Training at ClickBank

Getting Started
ClickBank will train you how to Promote Products.

ClickBank has a knowledge base that will help you get started. Just click on the Knowledgebase tab and it will direct you to the getting started as a vendor or affiliate. I’m an Affiliate, so I’ll click on that one. The first one is called 4 steps to affiliate success. The 1st step is choosing a niche. Which ClickBank has a video to get you started on how to find a niche? Next step, they tell you about building a platform. Such as a website and they give you links to make it easier to purchase a website. Step 3, grow your audience. They teach you about building up traffic, they also give you links so some of the social media sites. I think Social media is where it’s at. Step 4 is how to promote their products. So they pretty much wrap it up for you. Getting you started anyway.

Next, they have a training video that takes you through the marketplace. You can browse through it and see what they have. As far as products go, they have products for just about any niche. To name a few, they have products in the arts and entertainment niche, to the business niche. Also. if your niche is language, you can find products under that also. And a bunch of other categories to choose from. Next, they will teach you how to set up a hop link. What is a Hop link you might be thinking? A Hop Link is a tracking URL. Just like a regular website except the special link draws people back to ClickBank.

Next, they teach you about the commission’s structure and how you will get paid. So you see, ClickBank has it all right there, showing the steps it takes to become a successful Affiliate.

I just want to mention this again, about the ClickBank University. You can join them, if you choose to, but would consider Wealthy Affiliate instead. That’s just me. It is cheaper and you have an entire community to help you out. But either way, you can become successful at this if you put your all into it.

Price and How to Promote Products

The price to join ClickBank is free. Just set your account up and set up a PayPal account. That’s it, and you will be set. You will be ready to start promoting products.

The categories of products at ClickBank

Like I said earlier, you can promote products without a website or with one of those free websites. But if you are serious about wanting to make money at being an affiliate, then I would suggest getting a website that is yours. They are very cheap and if you join Wealthy Affiliate, you will have the hosting and the best training in the world. It’s a win-win situation for you. Plus, they do have a free starter membership that you can get started on, just see if it is for you or not. You get 2 free websites on the starter membership. Sign up for ClickBank and the rest is up to you.


I gave ClickBank a 90 out of 100 rating. Really, I’m not sure if I should have gone down a little. Some of their products, you do have to be careful, though. I think I will stick with my 90. They are one of the best and biggest affiliate companies out there that do pay. This company has the products and the training to get you started on your journey to making money.

Final Verdict

My Final Verdict on ClickBank is positive. They are one of the easiest Affiliate companies to sign up with. They don’t hassle you like some of the others do. I’ve been turned down by a few affiliate companies. But most of them are easier to get on board with. So if you looking to sell digital products or you just want to promote them, let ClickBank be the first company you join.

My Final Word

Now it’s time to sign up with Clickbank if you have not done so already. You will be satisfied with the products that the offer for any niche. Just remember to check that the product(s) that you are promoting have high standings. You don’t want to promote things that give you a bad reputation.

With all that said, you can leave a comment or if you have any questions about ClickBank or any of my other posts here at blog central, please leave them and I will get back to you.

Thank you again for visiting Blog Central.








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