How To Make Money As An Affiliate?…..Jays Affiliate BootCamp

How To Make Money As An Affiliate?

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. This is where you get your reviews on different Affiliate BootCamps.

I want to give you a review on this BootCamp video that I have purchased and really enjoyed. This BootCamp is a great extra help if you are trying to make money as an affiliate. This will be my personal review on Jays Affiliate Bootcamp:

Affiliate Marketing
Social Media is just one great way to promote your Website
  1. Overview: What is affiliate BootCamp
  2. Product: Jays Affiliate BootCamp
  3. Owner: Jay Orban
  4. Price: $7.99 (For A Limited Time)
  5. Rating: 95 out of 100
  6. Final Verdict: 2 Thumbs Up

There are a lot of people in the world that want nothing more than to be their own boss. That is the whole purpose of me opening up a blogging website. I want nothing more than to help you succeed online. So read this review and get hooked up with this video series.


Affiliate BootCamp is a BootCamp that helps you train in the art of becoming a successful Affiliate. That is anyone’s goal when it comes to becoming an affiliate. Do You want to learn as much as you can, like how to promote someone else’s products?  How to increase traffic to your affiliate links? You want people to like what you are offering.

I have done a series of another BootCamp that is with Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great BootCamp to get a lot of training from. The BootCamp that I will be reviewing is done a little different. It’s mainly just videos. I have gone through this training. Now I want to share this with you. As you will see, this BootCamp does not cost a great deal. It’s a steal for all the information that you will be getting.

Product: Jays Affiliate BootCamp

This is great and a must have product. You will learn a lot from watching these videos. He will teach you everything from how to set yourself up as an affiliate to increasing traffic. The tips he offers are great.

He offers 9 Intro videos and there are 24 modules. So you get a lot for the money you will be spending. He also a offers some links to other ways to build your business. I will give you the name of all the videos so you will get the idea of what you will be getting when you order this great product.

Intro Video

  1. Quick Introduction and what you will learn inside this course. 

    Reasons to buy
    What makes this product so food?

  2. Intro Video 1: You need to know the basics before anything else, learn how to add affiliate hop links in your blog, website, etc…So you can start making some money. 
  3. Intro Video 2: How to add affiliate banners with your affiliate link anywhere on your blog and some excellent tips from me on what your #1 priority should always be. 
  4. Intro Video 3: Hot tips on how to promote affiliate products without a website.
  5. Intro Video 4: Tasks to avoid like the plague for new affiliates. The Dos and Don’t of affiliate marketing. 
  6. Intro Video 5: How to make money with ClickBank in 2014-15. Complete training video for Clickbank newbies. 
  7. Intro Video 6: Introduction to the instant commission affiliate network JVZoo and how to make money with JVZoo.
  8. Intro Video 7: Introduction to cost per action affiliate programs. Where to apply. How to get approved for the top CPA programs out there training video. 
  9. Intro Video 8: Choosing the right affiliate programs to promote.

These are the intro videos. Just from these, you will learn a lot. Way more than enough information here.

Module Videos

  1. Module 1: Introduction to a self-hosted WordPress blog? Ways to monetize your Blog? SEO tips for you new blog
  2. Module 2: More ways to monetize your blog continued. Some juicier SEO tips.

    Jays affiliate BootCamp
    This is a great BootCamp for those that are serious

  3. Module 3: How to pick a profitable Niche and do keyword research?
  4. Module 4: Blog commenting. The right way for better backlinks.
  5. Module 5: How to build good backlinks to your Blog?
  6. Module 6: Introduction to the Warrior forum and how to make money with the Warrior forum?
  7. Module 7: How to create a free E-Book for super traffic tips and tricks.
  8. Module 8: How to make money with ClickBank, RapBank, Amazon, and my favorite affiliate programs. How to create an affiliate link? Which products to promote? And a lot more excellent how-to information.
  9. Module 9: How to start and profit from an email list? It’s not as hard as you think. Let me show you.
  10. Module 10: My favorite classified ads.
  11. Module 11: Cool new traffic source I came across in December 2014. That you are going to want to check out!
  12. Module 12: Joint ventures and ad swaps video.
  13. Module 13: Solo ads? What are they? And what to look for in a good solo ad?
  14. Module 14: YouTube. How to make money by submitting simple how-to videos on Youtube? And how to grab some great free traffic in the process.
  15. Module 15: List of useful sites to drive more blog or website traffic.
  16. Module 16: (Very Important Video.) The #1 place where you should always send your traffic first.
  17. Module 17: Linkedin tutorial for business professionals and a cool trick I use for a ton of free traffic.
  18. Module 18: Introduction to pay per click marketing using 7 search PPC for Beginners with tons of tips and tricks.

    Testimonies from people who bought Jays affiliate BootCamp

  19. Module 19: A special video that is very important; How to add a lightbox popup banner to your blog that shows up everywhere to collect leads from you blog visitors.
  20. Module 20: Special video Aweber. How to create and send an email broadcast to your email list with clickable affiliate links.
  21. Module 21: Speical video: How to add your E-Book or free gifts to your blog and send them to your new email subscribers.
  22. Module 22: Speical video: How to make your first affiliate sales online? How to make money while building your email list.
  23. Module 23: Speical video: How to create a squeeze page to build your email list in minutes inside your WordPress Blog.
  24. Module 24: (Private video): the Special video for 2014. What you need to do and know in 2014 and beyond to make your first sale.

This is all the video’s that Jay offers. Worth a look. At the bottom of the last video, Jay has some more great resources in building your brand. I found all of this to be very helpful. I hope to see you on the inside.

Owner: Jay Orban

Jay Orban
Jay Orban

Jay Orban is an avid internet marketer. He spends a lot of time on his blog trying to get as much information out to people as he can. He Specializes In Online Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO, Product creation, email marketing, and free traffic methods.

Jay Orban has been at this since 2006. So he has been around the block finding new ways for his readers to build their business. He is still updating his blogs as need be. He always giving stuff away. His blogs are worth reading. So if you get a chance stop in to meet Jay.

Price: ($7.99)

Only $7.99
Pick it up, you will be glad you did.

You can not beat this price. This was the whole reason I decided to buy this video series by Jay Orban. This is a steal of a price. I mean, come on, look above and see everything you get for that low price. The original price is $29.00. So that’s a 90% discount. You won’t get this for less anywhere else.

Plus, it doesn’t stop here. Jay is always giving things away and trying to accommodate you as much as possible.

Rating and Final Verdict

I give this product 95 out of 100. I never give a product 100. Just for the fact that nothing is perfect. Some products are perfect for some. Some it just doesn’t work. But a 95 is very good and proven product.

I give this 2 thumbs up. Besides the video, Jay gives you a lot more great information to help you get traffic and the ends and out of affiliate marketing.

My Final Words

I can’t stress it enough, how important something like this is. For the price, you can’t beat it. This is for anyone who is serious about building their online business up. Who wants to move forward. All I can do is spread the word from this training. I purchased it and I’m still learning. These are yours to keep, to watch as much as you want. So enjoy.

I want to hear from anyone who has a question and would like some more information. Also, when you purchase this, I want to know how it’s going. Every step of the way. Let’s learn from each other.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central.




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