How To Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest?

How To Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest

Hello, hope everyone is doing great. Welcome to my site, Blog Central. We are going to increase the traffic to your website using Pinterest.

Are you one of those people that think Pinterest can’t make a difference? Well, let me tell you, that using Pinterest will help your website. So if you don’t have an account, then you need to open one up and start adding pins. Getting followers from what I have seen on my account is not hard at all. In fact, Pinterest is one of the easiest social media networks to get followers.

Don’t worry. When I first open an account I really didn’t know what was the point. But I learn as I went.

Now I have over 400 followers and over 600 pins and still growing. I’m adding pins all the time. I did a lot of research to do all that. So, I’m hoping this article will make it a little easier for you to get started. At lease Have an easier time than I had.

History Of Pinterest

Pinterest is fun, starting pinning now.,

Pinterest has not been around that long. They are growing, though. Many people and businesses are catching on.

Pinterest started to be developed in December 20o9. The site launched as a closed beta in March of 2010. Like Facebook, Pinterest was operated in invitation-only open beta.

Pinterest is headquartered in San Francisco, Calfornia. Pinterest was founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann. It employs 500 employees. Their website is If you go to Alexa, Pinterest is ranked 32, this is as of August 2016.

Ben Silbermann would offer his personal phone number and even meet with some of its users. He wanted to make sure you understood it’s purpose. Nine months later Pinterest has 10,00o users.

Pinterest was listed in time magazine as a 50th best website in 2011.

What Is Pinterest?

Pin, pin, pin

Pinterest is a free website that requires registration. You can upload, save, sort and manage images. These images are known as pins. These pins can be organized into what is called pinboards. Once you get the hang of this, it will become easy to do and you will enjoy it more.

Also, you can follow friends on Pinterest. Besides that, you can go through and find people with your interests and follow them. You can pin anything that has images.

Every pin is an idea. Could be a gift, recipe, or even a quote. Every pin leads back to a website. Even your website if you are pinning your images.

How To Use Pinterest

Pinterest is easy to use once you get a handle on things. There are certain ways to use Pinterest that can come to your advantage. Especially if you are trying to promote your website. So, make sure that you are adding images to all your blog posts. That way you can take advantage of Pinterest.

I’m going to give you a few pointers when pinning and how to make it relevant to helping your website. There are probably a lot more ways but you will learn as you go.

Open an account today,

I’m just trying to get you started on Pinterest.

  1. Lifestyle related pins-Just like your website, you want people to know you. Put fun pins. Some of yourself and things you like to do. Let the person know that you are a fun person and you are real. Plus, it makes people see the honesty in you. You can also add links directly to your website. 
  2. Images and more images-Pinterest is all about visuals. Images grab people’s attention. You catch them and they will read what you wrote under that images. Possibly click on the link. When they click on the link, that is a possible conversation. 
  3. Engage-Pinterest is just like any other social media network site. The more you engage, the more likely they will connect to your blog and another website. You might be asking, how do you engage on Pinterest: (a) you should pin often, (b) Those that follow you, return the favor and follow them back, (c) RePin, like and comment on our followers’ Pins. There are a bunch of ways more to engage.

These are just 3 ways to get you started pinning. There are a lot of other ways and I will be glad to share them with you. That is all you have to do, is ask.

How To Increase Your Traffic

Increasing traffic to your website with Pinterest is easy and can go a long way. It’s easy and simple. Just like any other social media network, you can use Pinterest to your advantage.

I will give you five ways to increase your traffic to your website through Pinterest. Get started with these and keep up with them and everything will work out in the end.

  1. Add your URL: Add your website to your brand page. This is the easiest way to drive traffic. Your website will show up at the top. Also, add our URL in your pins.
  2. Add a call to action in your pin description: You have to put some kind of call to action in your pin description. Before the URL put something like “click here” or “click to learn more”.
  3. The best time to Pin: Timing plays a big factor when deciding to pin. The best time Bit Rebels says is between 2 PM to 4 PM in the afternoon and 8 PM to 1 AM at night.
  4. Add images to your website: I cannot stress enough about putting images. Go to different websites and you will see images. People will share your images on Pinterest. So after every post make sure you go and put your images on Pinterest.
  5. Place text on images: You will most likely get someone to click on your images if you have text. That build their curiosity up and want to know what else you have to say.

If you don’t have a Pinterest account, sign up now. Don’t let this site discourage you. When I started using it, I didn’t know the point of it. But it gets easier as you go and learn what you can do with Pinterest.

My Final Words

Here you have it, so don’t be intimated by Pinterest. It’s easy and fun to use. Anybody can do it. So sign up for it and if you need help, call on me. I’m here to guide you through.

Please leave a comment below with any questions. I will be glad to answer them and help you any way I can. Also, to the right in the sidebar, sign up and get on my email list and you will never miss a post.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central.


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