How To Increase Traffic To Your Website? Free Ways

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website?

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. Today, I want to help you increase traffic to your website.

That is a question that everyone asks when building a website. That was my concern and still is to this day. Traffic, traffic, traffic, what is the best way? There are plenty of ways to bring traffic to your website. That is what my aim for you is. I’ll give you more than one way to increase your traffic.

These are freeways.  Most of the ways I learned to build traffic was from Jay Orbin. If you visit his site, he will give you some free stuff and discuss getting traffic. Plus he has other great offers for you.

I’m just gonna talk about the ways I think are a good way to get traffic to your website. Later on, down the line, I’ll discuss other ways. These are the ways I’ll be discussing. They are free ways to drive traffic.

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Business cards
  • Forums
  • article writing

I’ll discuss the best ways first and go down to the last way that will work. It just takes a little effort on your part to get it done. Get people to visit you. Get the word out. To be successful, you need to let people know that you have a website that is not going away.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affilliate
Learn to build a website and get traffic from Wealthy Affiliate.

The reason I put wealthy affiliate first is that I’m a member and think that the community of people there is great. They alone can help you build your traffic up. Write a page or post and ask for some feedback, they will be glad to offer it. To me, that alone can be a start to building up traffic.

Wealthy Affiliate will help you build a website, step by step.

The more traffic you get and search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will recognize you. That is why my review on Wealthy Affiliate is a strong and positive one. If you have the time, take a look at it and you might just like what you read.

The training alone is awesome. They will teach you from scratch how to build a website and get traffic. In return, traffic brings ranking on the search engine.


People love videos. Videos catch people’s  attention. What a better place to bring people to your website but through youtube Me myself I’m not really good at making video’s, but I’m trying. I know in time I’ll get better.

YouTube, make some fun vids.

There are millions of people that get on youtube everyday. Looking for different things to watch. That was one way I researched Wealthy Affiliate, was through youtube.

It was close between Wealthy Affiliate when youtube being my choice for bringing in traffic. Youtube is great because of the content you can talk about and Wealthy affiliate for the training they offer.

When making videos, you want to spread it to as many people as possible. Also, you can put your videos on all your social media networks, such as facebook, twitter, google plus. and even  Pinterest. When making them, have fun with it. You want to make it like you enjoy it.

When you make the video, make sure it’s clear and the sound is awesome. Be as informative as possible. When people leave comments, always reply back. You want to stay in contact with everybody that views your material. show them that you care.

Practice making videos, in time you will get better. Talk about anything, as soon as you feel comfortable, start getting busy making the ones that count. So good look on your videos, send them my way, I’ll check them out.


Social Media

What can I say about Social Media, except that next to youtube, they are the biggest thing on the internet? Everybody is getting involved with some kind of social media network. I’ll discuss some of the other Social Medias out there, but I really want to pay more attention to Facebook and Twitter. Those I think are the 2 biggest ones out there.


If you don’t already have a Facebook account, I would advise you to open one up and start making friends. Here is mine so you can like my page and follow. You will be able to go to my main profile page and check me out.

Facebook a great place to meet people and find your friends.

You can share your website on Facebook and have them share with their friends. The word will get out fast and people will be inclined to at least check your website out. Always stay in contact with your friends. That’s how they get interested. When they post something, don’t just like but make a comment.

That is what catches people attention. You interact with them. Start up a conversation. Facebook can be your best friend. Just start making as many friends as you can. Just be careful, because Facebook doesn’t like you making friends with people you don’t know. They banned me for a week because of it. LOL. But that’s the price of trying to get heard.


To me, Twitter is another good social media network. Look for people or companies to follow. Whatever niche you might be in, follow the same like people. You can follow me and I’ll follow you back, promise.

Tweet your day away with Twitter

Twitter is a great place to interact with the communities of the world. Just start tweeting your posts, make sure to put hashtags at the end of your tweets. Put in keywords that people search more often.

The good thing about Twitter is you can link it up to your Facebook account. That way whatever you tweet will also go to your Facebook account. That I think is great. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

I didn’t think much of Twitter when I first heard of them, but now I get involved with tweeting often. You can tweet your posts and best likely somebody out there will retweet and the chain just keeps going down the line. So open a twitter account and start tweeting.

Other Social media networks

I’ll briefly tell you about some of the other Social Media outlets that are out there. I won’t get into great details about them, but they might be worth mentioning.

You have a myspace, which I think, in my opinion, was great before Facebook came on the scene. They were probably one of the first social media networks out there. Also, google plus. Which I would have to put up as number three on Twitter. You can follow people and have many followers yourself.

You also have tagged, which ok but not one of the better social media sites. Pinterest, which is good, but you have to have images on your site. Pinterest really is not that good unless you put images. That is the purpose of Pinterest. Just go to it and put your website in and a list of your images will pop up and you can pin them. Also, you can put links to your site so people can click on them and be directed to your web page.

Two other that I’ll mention real quick, in LinkedIn and Tumblr.  LinkedIn is more of a business site. You can put your website on there and people will look at your site and if they like it they will best likely share it. Tumblr is more like a blogging site, sort of. I have not had too much experience with them, but I’m learning.

Business cards

business card
Great source for when offline

This is probably the only resource that you will have to pay. If you do a search you can find cheap business cards. For as low as $10.00 for 500 cards if not more.

You should go with vista print. They have great looking business cards.

These you can distribute to all your friends and co-workers. Plus whoever else you come into contact with. Me I work for a delivery service, so I’ll slide them into some of the stuff I deliver.

On the business card, put your name email address, your website and if you want to you can put your phone number. It really doesn’t hurt to put your number, you do want to stay in touch with people.


warrior forum
Forums, find one in your niche

Forums are another great way to get known in the world of online success. For whatever niche you are in, I am pretty sure you can find a forum for it. Forums are great because you get great advice from other people.

If you do get involved in a forum, always get involved with the community. This is a great way to get backlinks to your site. Help other people plus get help and great advice from people who have been doing this for a while.

 Warrior forum is the #1 internet marketing forum out there. Get involved and you will learn a lot.  I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of your days on forums because you do want to get posts out there. Just check them out when you have time.

Article writing

hub pages
HubPages, write Hubs about your niche

Now the last way is Article writing. I would not spend a whole lot of time writing articles. You want to pay more attention to your own site.

There are a lot of article based companies you can sign up with. You have article base, article dashboard. and hub pages to name a few. Hub pages would be my best bet.

A lot of these companies don’t let you put affiliate links on them, but some will allow 2. The best thing I can say is to put your website on them to direct them back to you.

Still focus more on Social Media and Videos, those would be the best way to bring traffic to your site.

My Final Words

Get started signing up. These are great resources for building your brand and drawing traffic.

Please leave a comment or if you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them.

Again, thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central. 





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