How To Increase Traffic On Your Website

How To Increase Traffic On Your Website

Increase Traffic
Increase traffic to your website

Hello, what is going on? Welcome to Blog Central. I’m going to give you a list of places to go to increase traffic to your website.

Take advantage of these, sign up for all of them. Start putting your website on them. I’ll give you links to all of them. Just go down the list and start signing up for them. I’m just gonna get right to the point with these. I’ll briefly tell you about them.

After that just click on them and see how this could benefit you.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to increase your website traffic. There are a lot of them so you need to try and sign up for all of them. Here is a list of some of the social media sites that I joined:

Get a Facebook account now

01) Facebook-Facebook is probably one of the top social media sites. Get an account and start making friends. I have over 700 friends. You can make pages for your business. Also, you can share your posts. Facebook just added live videos. That will help, by going live to your public.

02) Twitter-I still like Twitter. With Twitter, you just get down to the point. That is because you are only allowed so many characters. Make sure that you add hashtags when twitting. So sign up now.

03) Linkedin-Linkedin is another great social media network to sign up for. This is more of a business site, so it’s a great way to promote your website. So get an account now and start promoting your brand.

04) Google Plus-Google plus is a great way to get known. Not as big as Facebook but is a great place to promote your website. Get an account with them.

Get images from your website and add to your boards on Pinterest

05) Pinterest-Pinterest is great if you have images on your site. Which you should, because people love looking at images. Start making boards now. So sign up with Pinterest.

06) Tagged-Tagged is another social media network that you need to sign up for. Sign up and start sending out invites to be friends.

07) Moco-Not to many people have heard about Moco, but it’s just like facebook and tagged. Sign up and start sending invites to be friends.

08) My Space-My space was around before Facebook. It’s one of the oldest social media sites. It’s a little different now, but still, can be affected.

09) Redditt-Redditt is a little harder but once you been there a while you can build trust with them and start putting more of your posts on Redditt.

10) Stumbleupon-Get your posts stumble on StumbleUpon.

11) SlideShare-This site is owned my Linkin. This is a great place to share your posts.

Instagram can increase your traffic if done right

12) Instagram-Instagram, you can leave images as posts and leave very short videos. But well worth the traffic.

These are just some of the Social Media networks that you need to get accounts for. The traffic will be great, trust me.

Vidoe Sites

It’s time to make videos. People, myself included love watching videos. Learn to make them. That is all it takes is practice. Don’t worry, you will get better as time goes by.

Start making videos, just be yourself

13) YouTube-YouTube is by far, the best place to make and post videos. We all love to watch videos. Either it’s educational, entertainment or whatever the case may be. Start posting videos to promote your brand. Get subscribers and watch your traffic take off.

14) Daily Motion-This is another place to promote your brand. All, though, not as big as YouTube, you can still generate some decent traffic.

15) Viewster-Viewster is another great place to post your videos and let people see your brand. Will generate some traffic. All the traffic you can get will help.

This is just some of the places you can post videos. Also, make sure you post videos on your website. You don’t have to go crazy with it but put a few.

Article Writing

Article Writing is another great way to build your brand up. You can write about your brand and direct them back to your website. You do have to be careful and follow the rules. The rules are different on most of the article companies.

Hub Pages
Hub Pages is a great place for writing articles

16) Hub Pages-Hub pages are one of my favorites to write for. Besides getting your brand out there, you can make money with the articles you write. Make sure that your articles are fresh, original, and well written.

17) Ezine Articles-Here is another article company that you should be a member of. just start writing articles and you can lead people back to your website. So sign up with them today.

18)Article BaseThis is another article company you need to sign up with. Whatever your niche is, just put it in an article. People will come to your website.

These are just some of the article companies that will get you started. Writing articles will improve your writing. It has mine. Most of these under your signature you can put a link pointing back to your site.


Classifieds are another great way to get your brand out there and increase traffic. There are more than a few out there. Sign up for them and start putting up ads.

19) Craiglist-I put Craiglist up first because they are the most popular one out there. You can put ads up in just about any location. Lots of people use Craiglist so when you post, make sure you pick the right category to put it under.

Start posting in Classifieds, start with Craiglist

20) Back pages-Backpages is a great place to post ads. With Backpages, when you post, sometimes if you want to post to multi cities, they do charge but it’s probably a few cents. So sign up with them.

21) Gumtree-Even though Gumtree is located in the UK, this is a great place to post an ad. Sign up with them. It won’t hurt you and you will bring in some traffic.

22) Classified ads that’s it, that is the name. I will leave a link, so don’t worry. But you need to sign up with them and start bringing, even more, traffic to your website.

Ad Post
Start posting all over the world

23) Adpost-Here is another classified site that you can post to. Post in the United States, United Kingdom, the Philippines and More places.

24) AdLand ProPre-Sign up with these guys. Get tons of free traffic.

This is just 6 of the classes that I signed up with. I’m pretty sure if you google classifieds, you will find a lot more. So make sure you sign up with all of them.


Forums are great to get free traffic from. You can find whatever forums are in your niche. I’ll give you some forums that might be helpful to you. Also, you can learn what people are looking for so that should help you with putting content people are looking for.

25) Craiglist Forum-Yes, Craigslist does have a forum. Whatever your niche is, best likely you will find in this forum.

26) Warrior Forum-This is probably the best-known forum out there. If your niche is in the making money niche, then this is the place to come. You can learn a lot from this forum. I highly recommend joining them.

Warrior Forum
This is the best forum to get involved in

27) Wicked Fire-This is a great forum to ask questions and get answers. You must sign up with them.

28) ClickBank Success Forum-Yes, ClickBank does have a very helpful forum. Especially if you are an affiliate with ClickBank. Found what sales and start promoting these great products. You will get a lot of ideas from this Forum.

29) Digital Point-Here another get forum to join. You will get a lot of helpful tips on what’s hot and what’s not. Get in on the action with Digital Point.

E Money Space
Here is a great place to get some great traffic

30) EMoney space-Here is another forum, might not be as big as some of the other ones, but it won’t hurt to get an account. Start bringing in more traffic to your blogs.

Here are 6 forums to help you get started. The good thing about forums is if you get involved and communicate, then you will do just fine. Ask questions. Answer questions. Get help and give help. That’s all it takes.

Other Resources

Here are some other resources. You can get good backlinks with these. That never hurt anything. You can bring more traffic with the help of some of these if not all of them.

31) Start Up Nation-They have great helpful articles. Join start-up nation and never stop learning.

Start Up Nation
This is a great place to get good backlink and great information to help you out

32) 2 Create A Website-Lisa Irby owns this site. She is an awesome woman. I’m learning a lot from her. She uses to own a forum but since has closed that down. But she can teach you to build a great looking website. She is good for a backlink.

33) Cool Site of The Day-Here is another great website to get familiar with. You can enter your URL, who knows maybe you will be the cool site of the day.

35) Ed Dale-Get on Ed Dales mailing list. He offers great tips and advice. Also, another great backlink.

36) John Chow-Here is another individual with some great of making money. Get on his mailing list.

37) Buzz Blogger-Here is another site to help you and get a backlink from. The young lady, Kim will teach you a lot.

Tech Crunch
Here are another great back link and great information

38) Tech Crunch-Sign up to receive Tech Crunch and start receiving some great ways to make money online.

39) Spark Plugging-Another great backlink and ways to increase your chances of making money online.

My Final Words

39 ways to promote your website. There are a lot more but start off with these. These all are free ways to get your brand known. Some of these, like the articles and forums, have a premium membership. You can do that if you want, but I would stick with the freeways.

Please leave a comment or any suggestions you have at the bottom of the post. We would like to continue getting great traffic ideas, then go to the right in the sidebar and sign up for my newsletter and you will never miss a thing.

Thank you for coming to Blog Central!!!!






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