How To Choose Keywords?

How to choose keywords?

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. Are you having trouble finding keywords that rank? Are you having problems finding a place you can find great keywords? That’s what I want to go over with you today. How to choose keywords?

I use to think that finding keywords were hard. I have discovered that it’s not as hard as you think. There are different ways to find these keywords. I’m going to try my best to get you some information on keyword research. Where can you find them? There are many ways to research keywords. I want to help you with that. I’ll tell you several places you can go and look up words. From brainstorming to the tools that are available.

Find the right keywords

What makes keywords easy, just think about it, if you are like me, you are on Google all the time. Think about the words that you put in when searching for something. Most people usually put the same kind of phrases in. Like how, why, what, and so on. Keywords are like a niche, you don’t want to be too broad when searching for that right keyword, For example, if your niche is in Health and wellness, that is a very broad niche. You want to break it down. You don’t want to say How to improve my health through weight loss. Maybe something like, how to lose weight, and see what pops up.

Finding keywords to have to be difficult or stressful. It can be made easy and fun to do. When searching for keywords, you need to think like a customer. Think what a customer would type in when searching for something. Once you determine the keyword you will be using for such post you might be writing, don’t over-stuff it with that keyword. Put it in your title and then maybe once or where it might be relevant to your article. Don’t put them everywhere. Google hates it when you just stuff your article full of keywords. Write naturally, just like if you were writing or talking with a friend.

Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords

A short Tail keyword is described as broad keywords. They usually consist of two words. Losing weight is an example of short tail keywords. They generally target large groups and less specific search engine searches. Overall, short tail keywords will drive more traffic. But they are often lead to lower conversion rates as they are less precise for qualifying a purchase intents.

Wealthy affiliate keyword tools
Wealthy Affiliate has a great tool for finding keywords

In a way, I found this to be true, Very often I put more words in the search engines then what is the call for in the Short-tail keywords. That’s why now I will discuss the benefits of Long Tail Keywords.

Long Tail Keywords are 3-6 words that are specific to the products you sell. They don’t bring in as much traffic but are more efficient. Losing weight on a diet plan. This is an example of a Long Tail Keyword. So you see, people looking to purchase something, best likely will use long-tail keywords. Longtail keywords will probably rank more than generic single or double keyword phrases. So would you rather use words and phrases that people are looking for to purchase something? Of course, you would.

So you can go ahead and use short tail keywords and try and get 1000 visits or use long tail keywords and get 200 visits with about 2, 3, or maybe more sales.

Alphabet soup technique

Alphabet soup
This is a great way to look for keywords

Okay, before you say anything else, I know what you are saying. Alphabet soup, what’s that got to do with finding good keyword phrases? This can go a long way, this will help you. First, let me tell you that the Alphabet soup technique is a method, using Google, that can supply endless keywords that you can use to create some fresh content for your next blog. When you put in a word on google, usually it will give you a few ideas that people are searching for. Like if you put in how it will give you a list of anything with how and something that follows it.

If you type in the word or phrase you are looking for, just follow it with an a. Then it will give you a few ideas of what people are searching for that begins with a. Like how to lose weight, put an after that and it will give you another list of things that follow, that begins with an a. After that just move along down the alphabet. Using b and then c and so one. Do you get the idea? I’m pretty sure you do.

Keyword tools

There are several tools you can use to get keywords. Some are free and some you might have to pay for. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, they have a keyword tool that is included in your membership. It’s a useful tool, you just put in the keywords you are looking for and it will do the rest. Also, you can use Jaxxy. You do have to pay for that, but you can use it and get 30 free searches. That way you can make sure it works. Jaaxy can also help you find a domain name if you are looking to start your own website. One other tool I recommend Google Adwords: keyword planner. This can help you find great keywords. This a free AdWord tool that helps you build search network campaigns by finding keyword idea.

Content is king

Just thought I mention this since we are talking about keywords. Content is still king, though. You can find all the keywords in the world, but none of it matters if you don’t have good, fresh, quality, and unique content. Your content that you write needs to be your own. Never copy somebody else’s work.

Jaaxy, a great place to find keywords to write great content

You can go to other websites and get ideas from them. That won’t hurt anything. But everything you write needs to be your own. You don’t want to steal anyone else’s writing, do you? Of course not, write your own content and you will do fine. Just because you pick the right keywords, don’t mean you will rank. Not all of your posts will rank, but trust me some will.

Not all of mine rank, I have a few, but I keep on trying and still write fresh content. So remember, never copy someone else’s work, they work hard to put what they have. You don’t want to steal it.

My Final Words

So keywords don’t at all have to be hard to look for. I hope this post will be of some help to you when researching for the right keywords. If you have any questions are comments, please leave them below.

Thank you for visiting Blog Central.



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