How To Blog For Dummies, Building A Website

How To Blog For Dummies, Building A Website

Hello, welcome to another post here at Blog Central. This post will continue the series that I am doing to teach you how to Blog, especially if you want a niche website.

Blogging for dummies
Learn how to start

After reading my last post on choosing a niche, I do hope that you have found yours. Because after you find your niche you do want to open a website. I suggest getting a paid website. That way it is yours and you can do with it as you wish. You can get a free website just to practice, but if you are serious and want to make some money, then getting your own website is the idea.

In this post, I will give you some of the places to get a website. I’ll do my best to tell you a little about them and give you the breakdown of the price. Also, I’ll tell you where I got my websites and where the best place to host it is. At least for if you are just starting. You need good hosting that offers great training.

At the bottom of this post, there will be an index to previous posts that will help you get started. This is my training series, and I want to help you every step of the way.

I hope you will take the dummies in good spirit.

so with that said, let’s get started.

Where to get a Website

There are tons of places that you can get a website from. I’m not going to give you every place but I will give you what I think is the three best places to acquire a website from.

First, I would like to tell you that if you can’t afford a website right now, you can either get a free website or you can get into affiliate marketing without a website. It is easier if you do have your own website. They are fairly cheap and in the long run, will be worth it.

Don’t worry if you can’t write good, I couldn’t when I first started. I do find that for every post I write, I do get better.


NameCheap is one of my favorites. I have bought 2 websites from them.The good thing about NameCheap is their prices usually stay the same. They do, however, have pretty great specials. Right now, they have a special for the first year. The first year will only cost you 88 cents.

Click and sign up

That is cheap for getting your own domain. Get it for the first year and you won’t have to worry about for another year. After the first year, it doesn’t go up that much. It will cost you around $11.00 a year. That’s less than a dollar a month.

So if you are looking for a domain name of your own, but you are on a tight budget, I suggest getting NameCheap now. For 88 cents, that is a great deal.


Hostgator is another great place to get a website. My first website was from them. They do cost a little more than NameCheap, but they are well worth it. They do offer a lot of extensions but you want to try and get a .com. If you can’t find a .com, try and get a .org and maybe a .net. The other ones might be harder to rank with.

Hostgator does offer one year, 2 year or 3-year plans for your domain. If you don’t want to worry about paying every year, then I suggest paying for 3 years. Before you do that, though, make sure you are sure you will still be working on your website at that time.

Both .com and .org are $12.95 a year. If you were to pay for 2 years, it will cost you $25.90. For 3 years., it will cost you $38.85. Then you won’t have to worry about paying it again for that amount of time. If you have to get a .net, the price is the same as the other 2.


GoDaddy is another great place to get a website. I don’t know much about GoDaddy because I have never bought a website from them. I have heard people and seen reviews on GoDaddy. They are a great place to get a website.

Go Daddy
I’ve heard nothing but good things about GoDaddy (click to sign up)

You can purchase a domain name from them for only $11.99 a year. Again, this is a great deal to have your own website. So if you want to go with GoDaddy, you can’t go wrong.

These are the three best places to get a website. I’ll leave it to you, though. There are other places. You choose but get a great domain name. After you purchase a domain, you need to find someplace to host it. Now, let’s get into that for a few minutes.


After you have picked your domain name and have purchased it, you need to find someone to host your site. Any of these places that you bought your website can host it for you. Most of them are fair in price but the training is lacking. If you are new to being an affiliate, you will need good solid training.

When I first started trying to be an affiliate, I bought my website from HostGator. Also, I let them host my website. The only training that they provided was on your website. But I need training that would teach me about affiliate marketing.

I searched and searched trying to find some good training. One day, I came across Wealthy Affiliate. The training is great and they are hosting all my websites. It’s been over a year and I’m still with them. The price is a little high than other hosting places but you get the awesome training to go with it. Let me explain the hosting with the wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve written plenty of information on Wealthy Affiliate. A step by step process of what they offer so I won’t get into that. I will give you the information on how to join.

Wealthy Affiliate will host your website. You get all the training you can ask for. The training never stops. You will feel right at home. The support is great. I have sent a few support tickets in when I was having some issues with my site. They were quick to answer.

You can check them out. It’s free to join. With the free starter membership, you get two free websites. Wealthy Affiliate will give you the same things offered as if you were on the premium level for 7 days. That will give you time to build a website. You will be able to go through some of the training.

After you see that this will work for you, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for $19.00 for the first month. After that, it is only $47.00 a month. That is for the training, hosting all your websites and all the other great benefits they offer. You can have up to 25 of your own websites, plus up to 25 free websites.

To me, it is worth it because with other hosting companies you don’t get the training you need to start your own business. I’m not saying those companies are not worth it, they are. They are all great hosting companies.

If you can’t afford Wealthy Affiliate than I would recommend HostGator. That would be my second choice as a hosting company.

Final Words From Patrick

Now that you have found a niche and you have purchased your own domain, you are on your way to building your own business. My next step will help you start building out your website. That’s when everything starts falling into place,

Just follow these steps and watch your business grow. I will be here to help you all the way. Here are the other posts that I wrote on blogging:

  1. How To Blog For A Living
  2. Niche Marketing 

If you have any questions or just wanted to stop and say hi, please leave them below.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central.







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