Hortco Publications, Scam Or Not

Hortco Publications, scam or not

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. What is the Hortco Publications? Is this a scam or not?

For years, I have been trying to find a job I could do from home.  It’s taking me a long time to find something to do. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I am able to write reviews and other relevant jobs you can do from home. I wrote a review on Wealthy Affiliate and I hope after you read this review you can go back and read that review.

This review is going to be on Hortco Publications. Before you send your hard earned money into this program, please read this.

  1. Product: Hortco Publications
  2. Owners: Janice and Ed Horton
  3. Price: 33.00
  4. Rating: 0 out 100



What do you think of the Hortco Publication

I will talk about what this company has to offer. Is it a scam or can it be for real?  Can you really make money with Hortco or are they just trying to get the money that you work so hard for every day? I want to let you know that they make a promise that is far from the truth.

I discovered this company through the Home Business Advertiser. A magazine that I receive every so often. I’m not saying that every business in there is a scam, but you do have to watch it. Investigate any job that you find before joining. I wish I would have checked out this Hortco Publications before I sent them the $33.00 that I sent them. With that said, let’s get started, shall we.

Product and Price

The Product is from the Hortco Publications. They promise that you can make $15,000 a month by just mailing two letters. That’s it, Sounds good, doesn’t it? The Hortco Publications asked that you send them $33.00. I actually did this, I sent them the $33.00 and was expecting two letters and I was going to send them out. You know what I received instead? They sent me an envelope with a packet in it. The packet consisted of other ways to make money. Jobs such as stuffing envelopes, home assembly products, and other such jobs. It was nothing that they promise.

They made a lot of promises that is full of crap. They said you would be able to quit your 9-5 job and make all this money. How can you make the money they promise if you don’t receive the product they promise? Man, the letter in that magazine sounded so good. You know something else, I looked them up with the BBB (Business betterBureauu) which I should have done, to begin with. This company had a Big fat F, that’s right an F. Here is the complaints that they had in the last 12 months.

  1. 1 advertising/sales issues
  2. 4 Delivery issues

    The Hortco Publications
    If you see this, trash it

  3. 1 Guarantee/Warranty issues ( I had with them)
  4. 15 Problems with Product/services (which I had)

This is just the people that complained. You see I never complained about it, I just ignored it and went about my business. I went in search of the next online or home business. But now I have my own website and I can warn people about the business world. Tell you about the scams out there. You see I don’t mind looking into some of this online stuff for you. It would be my pleasure.

It said that only two letters had to be mailed only once. That’s it, they tell you to just sit back and let the money roll in. I think that was the only reason they never sent me the two letters. That it was a full of crap. You probably wouldn’t. Instead, they send me a Publications for other jobs. Spend more money. I mean you I just gave them $33.00, for what.

How can the Hortco Publications promise you to be a Millionaire when they can’t even deliver the product for you to send them out? I should have said something when they ripped me off, but I said that I’ll get back at them and find something that really works. So I’m glad that I came over to Wealthy Affiliate, where the community is great and the people are real.


Complaints on the Hortco Publication

The reason for the rating of 0 out of 100 is because this line of work is a joke. I believe just about any kind of job as this to be a total ripoff. Just about any Direct mailing system as this one to be totally honest with you. I’m not saying all, but just some. Who knows, there could be a few good ones out there? If I were you I would just check into some of these. That’s all you have to do is go to the BBB or Google them. Read reviews such as this one or other reviews. Make sure these such companies are legit before sending them any money.

Final Verdict

This company is a scam. Before you send the Hortco Publications any money, read this review first.  Hopefully, with reviews like this will put these businesses out of business.

If you are not sure about a business, always check the BBB.

My Final Words

So, as you can see, the Hortco Publications is another example of a business that stays in business and nobody does anything about it. People need to listen to this review and other reviews like it. If we stop sending our money to companies like this, then maybe, just maybe, companies like this will close down.

Thank you for visiting Blog Central. If there is a business that you are unsure of. please leave a comment. I will research them for you and let you know if they are a scam or legit.





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