Does Swagbucks Work? Review On Swagbucks

Does Swagbucks Work? Review On Swagbucks

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. This is where you get the load down about Swagbucks.

What is the deal with Swagbucks? Can you make money with them? Yes, you can make money with them. Not a lot but you can. Swagbucks will not get you rich. I joined Swagbucks a few months ago. I’m still with them. To me, this is a way to pass away time and make a few bucks.

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This is my personal review and what I think about Swagbucks:

  • The product
  • Owner
  • Desktop Version/Mobile Version
  • Pros/Cons
  • Price
  • Rating: 75 out of 100

This is an honest review on Swagbucks since I’m am with them. I have the first hand to how they work.

The Product

Swagbucks is a Reward and Loyalty Program. It’s a great way to make a few bucks. The things you do on Swagbucks can earn you points which you will be able to redeem, which I’ll explain in a bit.

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With Swagbucks, you can get points for shopping. You can shop at your favorite stores and earn points. I did most of my Walmart shopping online. I went through Swagbucks to access Walmart. For every dollar, you spend you get 1 Swagbucks, but sometimes they have special deals. During the Holiday season, you get 3 Swagbucks for every dollar. Other stores are Macy’s, Amazon, Target, The Gap and a lot of other stores.

Also, you can earn point by downloading apps, taking surveys, playing games, discovering new content and even searching the web can earn you points.

That tasks are fairly easy. When you earn enough points you can redeem them for such things as gift cards, cash and they have other rewards.


Swagbucks’ website is owned and operated by Prodege, a provider of digital services, including an online reward portal. They have content distribution platforms and an online polling technology platform. The key people of Swagbucks are Chuck Davis, Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, and Eron Zehavi.

Swagbucks was launched on February 25, 2008, and they are still around. Their revenue as of 2013 is well over $54 million and still growing. Alexa has ranked them 153th most visited website in the United States and 675th most trafficked website globally.

That is telling you something. That the Owner of Swagbucks knew what they were doing when they brought this site forward. They are still growing.

Desktop Version/Mobile Version 

Shop and do other things with Swagbucks

Swagbucks can be accessed on both a Desktop and on your mobile phone. So if you are on the go just get the mobile app. Both ways are pretty cool. I’ll briefly tell you a little about both:

On the Desktop Version, they have a daily poll you can take once per day. Also, they have daily crazed you can do once a day. That is you get Swagbucks when watching a couple of short videos.  You can also check or change your profile from the Desktop Version. You can get a daily goal, that is if you get a certain amount of points a day, they will give you a bonus.

The Mobile Version is a strip down version from the Full site Version of Swagbucks. The only thing is you can’t get everything like on the Desktop Version. You can download apps from your phone and get points for them. You don’t have to keep the apps, your phone can only hold so much. So after they give me my points I usually delete it.

You can also watch movie trailers and get points for that. The trailers are pretty cool especially if you are a movie buff like me. LOL.

The mobile look

You can still work on getting your daily goal with your phone except you can’t check to see how many points you need.

On both versions, you can use their search engine and get points. The points are random. They pick somebody to win every once in a while and gives them points. I’ve one once so far.

You can do surveys on both the Desktop and the Mobile Version. So that’s cool. You have to qualify for them first which is hard, but you can. Usually, you get a point for at least attempting the.


I’ll give you a list of the Pros And Cons. Just like any business, you always have a few Cons Here are some of the Pros of being with Swagbucks:


  1. You can make a few bucks
  2. surveys are easier to qualify, but not by much, then other survey companies
  3. Plenty of tasks to complete, you can always stay busy if you choose to
  4. Great incentive to keep you interested
  5. They do pay

    Check out Swagbucks

Here are the cons of Swagbucks, at least, what I have found:

  1. You won’t get rich
  2. Some tasks, for some reason, they don’t give you credit

Those are the only 2 cons I have found so much. The con about not getting credit, don’t worry, that only happens sometimes.

Price And Rating

The Price to join Swagbucks is free. So you have nothing to lose. Let’s say you are at home and you don’t have anything to do. Just open Swagbucks up and earn a few bucks.

I gave Swagbucks a 75 out of 100 rating. 75 is still a great score so don’t fear. The reason for the rating is the fact of don’t get credit for some things. A few of the apps I downloaded on my phone I didn’t get credit for it. One thing, there was one survey I didn’t get paid for. That sucks because you can get more than a few points for taking them.

Final Words

I plan on staying with Swagbucks for a while. Why not? It might come in handy one day and I’m low on the cash flow. LOL. Go ahead, join them. It’s free. The tasks are pretty cool. Hey, maybe I’ll see you on the inside.

If you have any questions or you just want to say hi, leave them below.

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