Create Your Own Website With WordPress, The Beginning

Create Your Own Website With WordPress

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. This is the beginning of the beginning for you. Learn how to start your own blogging website.

The best place to build a website

Now that you have found your niche and you have bought your own domain, you are ready to set up your website. I hope that you have chosen Wealthy Affiliate as your hosting platform. Trust me, you will not regret it. The training is awesome, plus you will get training from me.

Build a website is not hard at all. If fact with Wealthy Affiliate, you will have your site up in less than 30 seconds. Using WordPress. In this post, I will get you set up with themes and try to come up with a few pages. this will get you started in the right direction. You will build a website learning how to be an affiliate.

Why WordPress

A lot of people starting a website often ask, why should I use WordPress? What is the matter with my old website? I thought it was good enough? These are just a few questions I have heard.

Has become more than just a blogging platform

People are right. WordPress used to be just a blogging platform. Now WordPress has evolved into a versatile content management system (CMS). Don’t get me wrong. You can still use WordPress for a simple blog. But over the years, WordPress has allowed you to have a fully functional website and mobile applications.

WordPress is easy to use and you can do just about anything with it. Today, research has shown that WordPress has grown. More than 22.5% of all websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is still growing as people learn more about it. WordPress is used by a lot of big websites such as Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, CNN, eBay and much more.

So I highly recommend using WordPress if you are starting a blogging Website.


Now that you know a little about WordPress and why you should be using WordPress, it’s time to pick a theme for your website. Try and find a theme that will fit your needs and that is a good fit for your niche. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Of course, I never agreed with having all that fancy stuff and changing the color too much. After all, your are blogging, not trying to win an art contest.

Pick a theme that fits your niche

WordPress has more than 2,600 themes to choose from. So you can take your time and pick one that you really like. Play around with them. It doesn’t hurt to switch themes until you find one. Once you get established and start blogging, I would not recommend switching it. That is because, when people come to your site, they will be used to what you already have.

I just want to share and recommend the kind of theme I prefer. I like my theme where you can put the widgets on the right side of your website. I think that it looks better. Maybe it’s because I’m right handed, who knows. That’s just me. It looks better and more professional. Most of the websites I see are like that.

So take a moment and find that theme that you want for your website.


Next, I would make a few page. Just to get started. Once you put the pages together, you can arrange them later as your website grows. Pages are pretty much the theme of your website. You want people to know what your website will be all about. If you are a newbie and don’t write very good, don’t worry. You can always change things around as you get better.

Get started with creating pages for your website

I would make an about me page. Tell people who you are. Tell them what you hope to accomplish. You don’t have to make it long and boring. Just get to the point. Always add an image or 2 of yourself. Show your audience that you are a real person and what you look like.

Next, make a private policy page. If you are with Wealthy Affiliate, they have one that you can use for your site. It will explain everything that is legal and about the website, people are visiting.

After you get this done, you can make a few more pages. Just whatever you plan on writing about. Let your audience know what you will be putting on your site. For example, this site is in the making money niche. I added 3 pages when I first started.

My first page is called build a website. That is because I want to show folks how to put together a great website. Like I’m doing now. I’m taking you through starting point. My next page reviews, I write reviews of things I have tried. I have good and bad reviews. That’s my last page, it’s online scams. These reviews are from bad reviews. That is probably my biggest thing, that is because I hate people that want to scam other people.

This is just the start of building up your website. As time goes by, you will be adding new pages and arranging everything that will fit your needs. You want to try and stay as organized as possible.

My Final Words

Here is an index of my last 3 posts in this series:

I hope that these posts will help you get started. Everything that I’m writing I have learned from Wealthy Affiliate, Jay Orban, and the Bum Marketing. I mention these places because I want them to be the ones to get the credit for my accomplishment on building a website.

Next, I will get into the plug-ins you need and some other ones that you will want to get.

Thank you again for visiting Blog Central. Please, if you have any questions are would like to just say hi, please leave them below and I will get back to you.







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