How To Create A Blog Using WordPress? It’s Simple

What’s up? Did you ever want to start your own money-making blogging website? Well, you can. Using WordPress. It’s simple, even a baby could do it. LOL.

You have come here because you want to know how to build your own website. I’ll guide you in the right direction and how you can accomplish this. Either it’s for pleasure or you want to try and make some serious cash.

If you look above at my pages I have a how to build a website. That pretty much just tells you the basic and how to get 2 free websites through site Rubix. Plus you will be using WordPress. The best place for blogging. Start your own personal blogging. Blog about anything you want.

Build A Website
Building a great website is easy

Trying to make a little cash or want this to be a full-time thing. So it’s possible to get a website and make money. You can do that with Affiliate marketing (promoting others products.)

That’s another story, might get into a little bit if I have time. But right now I want to show you how quick and easy building a website really is. These are the points I will be going over:

  • Getting started
  • Building with word press
  • Some other features of word press
  • Final Words

So let’s get started. I’ll tell you enough to get your curiosity up. You can see how easy and really cheap it is to get your own domain. If you decide to go that route.  But in the meantime, you can get 2 free websites through site Rubix and practice with that. You will be amazed.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. You can get 2 free websites, but I would start off with one and build from there. Your 2 websites come from site Rubix.

Start with your own Domain or get a free one using SiteRubix

With Wealthy Affiliate, which is free to get started, is where you can access word press with your free website. Just click here and you can read my review on Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to sign up.

Other than that you just need a PC or laptop and you are ready to go. I would get started on a PC or laptop but accessing your account is mobile friendly. So I have discovered. I work on my posts through my phone sometimes because I’m always on the go. I  want to keep up with my posts and building my site. I want to be proof that building a website and getting it on the Search engines is easy.

If I can do it, just an ordinary man just trying to start an online business. So can you. So give it a try, you don’t have to stay if you find you can’t-do this, but I’m pretty sure you can accomplish all of this. After all, what can it hurt, two free websites? That’s a great deal. You will get all the tools and training you need.

Building Using WordPress

Building with WordPress. Yes, that is what you will be working with when building your website. Word Press is so easy to handle, there are places to go and get help when under your dashboard. Once you get under the dashboard you just need to look it over, familiarize yourself with it.

WordPress is a great platform to start your website

Next, just pick a theme that you want to use and that best fit for your niche. You have many themes to try and pick from. You can hit the preview button and see what it will look like when it goes live. It’s so cool to see your website live, for the entire world to see. Just fool around with it until you find one that will fit your needs.

Next, tell the world about yourself with an about me page. Yes, let people know you are real. It’s easy to access because on the front page of your dashboard will be how to get started. One of the first things, it tells you is to write an about me page. Once you hit publish, that means everyone in the world will see it and you just need to get the search engine to know that you are alive and ready to play the internet game.

Next will be your first post. Let me ask you a question,” What are you passionate about.” “is it losing weight, online jobs,” maybe “sports, getting fit,” whatever, there are plenty of things to write about. Share your opinions and views with all the different kinds of people in the world.

Everything is at your disposal when setting up your website. With Word Press, it is easy like they say learn as you go. Get started and learn as you go, that’s how I have done it. Today I’m still learning new things about writing a blog, how to get the word out that I’m here and I’m here to stay.

Building your website with site Rubix, you can have that part done in less than a minute. Be up and running. With no problems.

Some Other Features Of WordPress

Now we get into the good stuff, I’ll tell you and I’ll have a couple of screenshots of your dashboard. What kind of tools you get to use. Once you get the hang of it, though, it will become 2nd nature to you.

Dashboard of WordPress

When you are under the dashboard, starting at the left-hand column is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) if you have the plugin which most everyone should. This will help you and keep you in the loop with Google and other search engines.

Next, you will see posts.

If you hover over it, a list will pop down for you giving you options on what you want:

All Posts: Which tells you all the posts you have written so far.

Add New: If you have a new post, just click on this and start writing.

Categories: If you want to keep your posts in certain categories and keep them organized.

Tags: You can add keywords that are written in your posts. they can help just a little in the search engines.

Then we have Media. Just hover over the Media and two categories will show up for you. Those categories are:

Library: Will show you all the pics and videos that you have uploaded. These are easy to put on your website. You can adjust how big or small you want them by cropping them.

Add New: If you have new pics either on your computer or even from your phone, you can add them here and save them for whenever you want to use them.

More of what you can do on WordPress

After Media, we go down to pages. You hover over pages and you have two categories to choose from. Remember, at least, to me, that pages are the center point of your site. That’s what people really find out what your site is about, what you have to offer and so on. So let’s look at the categories:

All Pages: Click on this and it shows you all the pages you have on your site. You can go to these and edit them and fix them up whenever you want.

All New: When you have a new theme or some fresh content for a new page, just click on this.

Moving right along you have your comments tab. Just click on this and it will take you to anyone that has visited your site and left comments. Always try and look at them as much as possible. Respond back within 24 hours if not as soon as possible. Really helps with the search engines. They see that you are getting back to your audience. It looks good.

Moving right along, next in the Word Press dashboard that you get to work with is Appearance:  This is where you get to have fun putting your site together. I like to think of this as the fun part. There are four categories you will have to worry about.

A couple of my posts

Themes: This is where you can change your theme, add a new one or whatever. Find one that fits your needs or niche. Just play around with them. You can change them as much as you would like until you find the one for you.

Customize: You will be able to customize your site, change your widgets around or add some. You can change the color of your text or headers. Also, your site’s color can be changed on some themes. Customize is easy to use and you shouldn’t have any problems using it.

Widgets: Widgets are easy to use and you can add them to your website. Some themes you can add more than others and they might be placed differently.

Menus: When you create another page it goes into your menus. You can rearrange them and put them in any order you want.

Next, you have your plugins There are a lot of plugins you can use for your site. However, try not to put too many of them. If possible, try and keep the plugins to about 5 or 6. Too many can slow the speed of your site. Visitors don’t like to go to a site that is slow. This is what you have:

Themes that you can get from WordPress

Installed Plugins: This shows you the ones you already have.

Add New: You can go here and add a new Plugins or search for ones you would like to add.

All users are next in line. Here you can look at your profile and change it if you wish and you can add new users. I don’t recommend it, don’t give anyone access to your site unless you know them well and they will be helping you out.

As far as what is under the dashboard, this is really all you have to worry about for now. It is so easy to use and you will have your site up and live in no time.

My Final Words

Isn’t Word Press so cool? There is more, but you just need to learn as you go. Always and I mean always, you can find help to make it so much easier. Heck, I’m even here to help you get the ball rolling. Explain a couple of more issues on how to get your site.

Like I mentioned at the beginning that you can get 2 free websites. Join Wealthy Affiliate is free as a starter member and gets 2 sites at SiteRubix. Anything is possible if you just put your mind into it.

The last thing I would like to discuss is having your own site. Once you get you free website up and you get the feel of things, then if you decide you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member and get all the help and training in the world. You can get your own site, which only runs under $11.00 a year. You can’t beat that.
















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