Buy Your Own Website, Don’t Go The Free Route

Buy Your Own Website

Hello, welcome to Blog Central. This is where you learn about free and paid websites.Today’s topic will be on websites. When I first started blogging I didn’t want to pay any money to start out. I wanted to get a free website. There are so many out there, so why not? You probably ask that same question to yourself.

But think about it for a second. If you get a free website, it’s technically not your website. It belongs to someone else.

I want to write to you and let you know the advantage of having your own website. They are not as much as you think they are. I’ll give you a list of some places and prices you can get your own website. That way you will be able to see how cheap they really are. Plus I’ll give you a few of the free sites. You can use the free site just to learn how to build a website and practice on.

If you are serious about wanting to make money online, then having your own website is a major plus. Trust me, I’ve been through the free route and it’s not really good. You don’t have as much freedom as you think.

Free Websites

It’s good to have a free website if you just want something to play around with. If you are serious and want to make some money then this is not the way to go. You can get one if you just want to fool around with and practice for when you do get your own.

The disadvantage of getting a free website is that they can change the term of condition at any time. If they do and they don’t like what you have on your website or blog they can shut you down. For any reason without any explanation. One day there and the next gone.
Free Website is not the way to go

Let’s say you are starting to roll and you have a lot of content on your site. Your making a little money and then all of a sudden they close your site because they don’t like it. That would be a real bummer. You will lose everything. Do you really want that to happen to you? I know I would hate if they did that to me. That would suck, lose everything you worked so hard to accomplish.

As far as I know, you can’t get any plugins to a free site.That you do need some plug-ins. They help in more ways than you think.

Here is a list of free websites. Practice but don’t trust them. But hey, get one to practice building. It won’t hurt, but if you are serious about making money, buy your own domain:

Free Websites 

  1. Wix
  2. Web
    Want to make money, don’t go this route

  3. Blogger
  4. WordPress
  5. SiteRubix

Here are the top 5. Try them out and see what you think. You see WordPress on there. They have a .org and a .com. The .com is a free site. Out of those 5, the only one I would recommend is SiteRubix. The reason for that is you can access it by joining Wealthy Affiliate on the starter membership and it’s free to join. The cool part is you can have 2 free websites with Wealthy Affiliate. If you do join and decide to go premium you get up to 25 free websites.

Here is the link to SiteRubix if you want more information:


Paid Websites

If you are serious about starting a home base business, then getting a Paid Website is the way to go. Having your own Domain means that it’s your website to do with as you please. You own it and no one can tell you what to do with it. You write what you want. Put what you want on it.

You won’t be pushed around.

Using WordPress as your major blogging format is the way to go. You can’t go wrong. Rewind back and look at my post about WordPress. They have great plugins and they have the training to help you get started.

Buy Domain today from Namecheap

People that have a free website will likely not succeed as much as a person who has his own domain. As far as ranking goes, Google trusts someone that has their own websites. You can still rank with a free one, but you better have some outstanding content. I have seen a few free Websites get ranked but rarely.

Having your own website brings great customer satisfaction. Plus easy to put into your browser.  It won’t be as long and it’s your own trademark. Remember you have to spend money even if it is a little bit to earn money. You never get something for free.

Here is a list of some places you can get your own Website:

Paid Websites

  1. NameCheap
  2. Go Daddy
  3. HostGator

    Start today, be a blogger

  4. WordPress 

Here are my top 4 to get a domain. Don’t be confused with WordPress. This is the one that comes with most of the Domains you buy, It’s Paid Websites are cheap. Anywhere from $8-$12 a year. Sometimes they will have deals. So get started on your Website today. Either for fun or to make some hard-earned cash.

My Final Words

So if you want a free Website, go ahead and get one but if you are serious and want to make money get a Paid website. I mean you can make a lot of money if you put the work in. Plus you will be around for a long time. The freeway could disappear in a second.

If you need a place to host your website, let me tell you the place to go. That is Wealthy Affiliate. They have the best training in the world and you can start with the free starter membership. Just go here and create a free account.

If you have any question or comments, I would love to hear them. Also, I love hearing others advice to please hit be on up here on Blog Central and have a great day. Also, join my mailing list and stay up to date with all your website needs.



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