Best Affiliate Marketing Program……….Bootcamp

Best Affiliate Marketing Program……….Bootcamp

Hello, Welcome back to Blog Central. Today’s topic will be the last phase of Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp.

Today I will discuss the last phase here at the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. This will be my 7th post on Wealthy Affiliate. My goal is to get you to see that Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer. I’ll leave links to my other posts below so you can take a look when you get the chance:

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After completing this last phase, your training will be complete. Your website should be looking very good by now. You might have a sale or two. You are looking good.

So, are you ready? Let’s start Phase 7.

Phase 7 How To Scale successful Pay Per Click  (PPC) Campaign 

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp
The last chapter in the training at Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp



You did it, you finally reach Phase 7. Congratulations. You should have a lot of content and you should still be writing every chance you get.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp
Very powerful lesson

Phase 7 has 10 very, very good lessons. This phase covers Pay Per Click. These are very powerful lessons. After you complete this phase you can pay more attention to your website and write great content. Now, let me go over what these lessons will cover:

  • Blasting your WA Affiliate Earrings with….-There are 4 tasks that need to be completed in this lesson: (1) Watch the setting up your Google AdWords account video. (2) Create one new keyword targeted post on your site (don’t worry about the SEO factors you just want to target it via PPC.) (3) Watch the setting up Google conversion tracking with WA video. (4) Setup Googles AdWords conversion tracking.
  • Understand The Google AdWords Opportunity-There are 2 tasks in this lesson. (Watch the properly create Google AdWords campaigns and ad groups video.) (2) Create at least 2 ad groups targeting the post you created in the last lesson.
  • Maximizing Review Page With PPC-There are 3 tasks you need to complete in this lesson: (1)Watch the constructing a successful product review PPC campaign video. (2)Create at least 2 ad groups targeting your new product review. (3) Create at least 5 more ad groups targeting existing non-product review pages on your site.
  • You the affiliate are responsible for….-There are 4 tasks to be completed: (1) Watch the using comparison charts to amplify conversations video. (2) Create a product comparison table. (3) Create a new review post (comparison table). (4) Build 3 targeted ad groups.
  • Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp
    Check it out

    Mastering the flow of relevance-There are 4 tasks to complete in this lesson: (1) Write and publish one keyword targeted post (for the purpose of PPC.) Create at least 2 ad groups in Google AdWords targeting this page. (3) Create at least 2 ad groups in Bing Ads targeting this page. (4) Run your new ad group through the relevant checklist least until it is all YES’S

  • The Double Down Approach To PPC-You will have 3 tasks to complete: Create 2 ad groups targeting a page/post you are already ranked for. (2) Create one new product review (with comparison chart). (3) Create at least 2 new ad groups for your review.
  • To Direct Link Or Not To Direct Link-You only have 2 tasks in this lesson: (1) Watch the creating a direct linking campaign to promote WA video walk-through. (2) Create 3 direct linking campaigns targeting 3 different keyword concepts.
  • The Mathematical Business Model Of PPC-You will have 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Watch the making sense of PPC data video walk-through. (2) Write and publish one new product review. (3) Incorporate a comparison chart into the review.
  • Using Concise Pages For PPC-There are 3 tasks in this lesson: (1) Watch the creating content for the purpose of quicker intent video walk-through. (2) Create and publish a post geared towards quick intent. (3) Create at least 2 targeted ad groups.
  • Creating A Long Term Scalable PPC campaign-There are only 2 tasks in this last lesson: (1) Create a new review post (with comparison table). (2) Build 3 targeted ad group.

Well, congratulations you have just finished the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp. Are you proud of yourself?

Don’t let the Pay Per Click scare you. You don’t have to do this right away to find success, but in the future, it might help you succeed more and faster. This completes the training and it’s awesome. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this content for you.

My Final Words

I hope that you are feeling good about Wealthy Affiliate. There is still so much ground to cover. You people have been great and I thank you. Keep coming here to Blog Central and I’ll keep feeling you up with honest blog posts.  Posts that you will enjoy reading.

Just because you finished the Affiliate Bootcamp or the getting started training, that doesn’t mean the training has ended. Next to Wealthy Affiliate, there are a lot of other resources out there. Even if you are doing good, you still want to learn as much as you can.

I would be glad to share the other resources I have with you. I don’t mind, after all, we are all in the same business. Just ask, leave a comment below. If you have any questions just leave a comment. I will reply to all comments.

Again, thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central. I’m glad you stopped in.




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