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Hello, welcome to Blog Central.  Where you get the latest and greatest news about Wealthy Affiliate. If you have not read my last post about Wealthy Affiliate, you should read it first. It’s called An Honest Way To Make A Buck. So check it out.

The first part was on the Activity Dashboard. That was just the beginning of what you will expect from Wealthy Affiliate. This is going to be the second part of many parts to come. There is still a lot that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. It’s great and I’ve been with them for over a year. I don’t plan on going anywhere. They have great training, great resources, and a very great community of people.

If you go to the Wealthy Affiliate website right below the Activity Dashboard is a green button that says Getting Started. That will be the starting point. The starting point to get a great looking website. Getting your business together. There are 10 great lessons which I will make into 2 posts. All these great lessons are enriched with great information to point you in the right direction.

So enough said, let’s get the greatest benefit that could change your life.

The First Five Lessons……………

The First Five Lessons are great. They are the beginning for you to change your life. All of the Lessons are easy to understand and to follow. It’s like taking your first steps. Take little baby steps. We will cover a lot in these lessons. They include:

  1. Getting Rolling
  2. Understanding How To Make Money Online
  3. Choose A Niche
  4. Building Your Own Website
  5. Setting Up Your Website

After you complete these lessons, you will understand and see there is nothing hard about making money online. Remember, though, it won’t happen overnight. But this could change your life for the better.

Lesson:1 Getting Rolling

Lesson one is your starting point. 1st Kyle will welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate. He will explain a few things to you about Wealthy Affiliate. You will have 4 tasks to complete in this lesson. After you complete the tasks, go to the bottom and check each one as you complete them.

Getting rolling
Start off with lesson 1, getting you started with WA.

The 1st task will be a walkthrough video about Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle will explain to you about Wealthy Affiliate. He will tell you how to get around the website. What different things mean. Something like I’m doing, trying to get around this great website. The 2nd task is another walkthrough video, except it’s on setting up your account. How to set up your personal account and all that good stuff. The more you complete the better your relation here at Wealthy Affiliate will be.

The 3rd task will be to actually set up your account. You will ask to finish completing your profile. Adding an image, writing a description and whatever else you need to set up. The 4th task will be the membership level. The 1st membership is free, gives you a chance to find out if this is for you. The 2nd level is the monthly level and the 3rd is the yearly membership.

This will complete Lesson 1. You will get an enjoyment out of this.

Lesson 2: Learning How To Make Money Online

In this lesson, Kyle will discuss how you will make money online. Also, he will tell you that it won’t come overnight. You have to establish yourself and get organized. There will be 5 task to complete in this lesson, Don’t worry, they are easy lessons and will help you get started. The 1st task is a walkthrough video that will show you the money process within Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle will explain the process that it takes to make money with your Website.

The 2nd task will be to join the discussion and give your financial goals. This will give you an opportunity to enter act with the community here at Wealthy Affiliate. Also, give your financial goals. What you hope to accomplish as far as money goes. The 3rd level will be to comment on at least 2 people. Go to their profile and introduce yourself or say whatever.

The 4th task will be to name your 4 non-financial goals. So besides money, what do you hope to accomplish besides money. Like for me, one of them was to be my own boss. Just think of your 4 best ones. The 5th task will be to read the 6 ways to earn money with your blog.

After this lesson, things really start heating up.

Choosing A Niche

This lesson will discuss your Niche. Niche is something that you have passion about and you want to write about it.

Choose something you would really love to write about

Kyle will discuss how to research and choose the right one for you. This lesson has 3 tasks that you will complete. The 1st task will be watching the walkthrough on choosing your Direction. He will explain everything you will be doing with your Niche on your blog.

The 2nd task will be reading a blog post on A Niche Is A Group Of People looking for stuff. The 3rd task will choose your niche. After reading the blog post, it should make it easier on what people you think are looking for stuff.

Building Your Own Website

In this lesson, Kyle will discuss building a website. He will tell you the difference between having your own website vs. having a free one. Because believe it or not, it does make a difference. Having your own website is great because it’s yours so you can do with it what you choose. A free one is actually owned by someone else say it’s not yours. This lesson has two tasks that you will need to complete.

The 1st task will be to watch the building your website video. Kyle will go over the process of building a website here at Wealthy Affiliate. This is a step by step video to help y0ou get your first website. The 2nd step will be to actually build your very first website using the SiteRubix platform. You will have your website up and live in less than 30 seconds.

That’s all there is to this lesson. Wasn’t that fun and easy?

Setting up your Website

Lesson 5 will be setting up your website. kyle will walk you through the setup process so your website will be ready for the search engines. This lesson consists of 4 tasks that you will need to complete. These tasks are easy to follow. The 1st task will be to watch the walkthrough video on the setup process. This will explain about WordPress and what you need to do to start fixing it up.

The 2nd task will be to log into your WordPress admin area. You can look around and familiarize yourself with what you will be working with. After that, you can proceed to Task 3. Kyle will show you how to activate the all in one SEO, Exclude pages, and the Askimet plugins. Also, he will show you how to set these up. The 3rd task will be to delete the default post, comment, and pages that come with your WordPress site.

Now wasn’t this fun. These lessons are great and you will really enjoy them.

My Final Words

I hope that you have enjoyed this segment on Wealthy Affiliate. It does my heart good to share all this great information with you. My next post will be on the rest of the getting started tab here at Wealthy Affiliate. There are 5 more great lessons to get you on the road to success.

I want to hear from all you folks out there. I love to read your comments and reply to them. Maybe you just want to say hi, or you might have a question. Maybe you need help to get started with the free membership. Well, I’m here to help so leave me a comment below.

Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central.







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