An Honest Way To Make A Buck………..Wealthy Affiliate

An Honest Way To Make A Buck

Hello, welcome once again to Blog Central. Today topic will be about Wealthy Affiliate.

There is an honest way to make a buck. This is not a get rich quick deal. But Wealthy Affiliate could be a starting point for you to start earning a little bit of money if not a full-time job.

Today and every time I write a post on Wealthy Affiliate I’m going to give you a step by step of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. This post will be the very first thing you will see on Wealthy Affiliate at the top left-hand corner. This is the Activity Dashboard. If you click on the Activity Dashboard, there will be four categories:

  1. Activity
  2. Classrooms
  3. Top 10
  4. My Notifications

I will cover these 4 in this post. I will try and explain the best I can what you will expect and how these will benefit you.  Just between everything in the Activity Dashboard will teach you a lot about the world of blogging. I did a review on Wealthy Affiliate some time ago. If you have the time go back and read this review. I still stick with the review and Wealthy Affiliate.

I leave links throughout this post in each section so you can discover it yourself.


Activity is one of the most important aspects of Wealthy Affiliate. On the side in the screenshot is the Activity room here at Wealthy Affiliate. As you can see people ask questions and next to that is how many responses that question has gotten.

There are tons of question to be answered. But they will be answered. Also, you can use this to put your thoughts. Whatever the case might be. There will always be someone there to help you. Plus this is the place you can go to for on whatever issues you might be having. If you still don’t find what you are looking for then you can ask a question for yourself.

Activity is where you get help

Here are a few of the questions that you will find at Wealthy Affiliate I will find 3 that I know the answer to, so you can get an idea of what to expect:

Question 1: 2 comments pending approval; When can I ask for more? This question was asked by renelmiller. If I understand the question right, this is how I would answer. The comments pending approval, you do want to answer your comments as quickly as they come in. There is no limit to when you can ask for more. You want as many comments you can get to improve your site health a little.

Question 2: Is Wealthy Affiliate hosting down? This question was asked by tmaltz. I’ve never had an issue where Wealthy Affiliate hosting has been down. I left a comment to him. I told him that if this issue continues to send a support ticket in and they will find out the problem.

Question 3: I need help on getting a domain name and costs, please? This question was asked by mariobel. I would suggest Namecheap get a domain name. Namecheap does not jack around with their prices, they are pretty much the same year in and year out.

This is just some of the questions that are asked. Remember no question is a stupid question. In fact, the only stupid question is the one that you don’t ask. Feel free to click on these question and get redirected to the question itself.


Now, let’s enter the twilight zone, naw just kidding, it’s the Classrooms. Make you feel like you are in school again. Every day is a learning lesson anyway. So you will learn a lot in these classrooms. The Classroom is about the same as the Activity. This is where your questions will go to.

I’ll tell you the names of the Classrooms they offer and links to some of the questions asked in these Classrooms:

Classroom 1: Getting Started. This classroom will help you get started. Any question about getting started will be in here. Also, learn to build a website is in this Classroom.

Classroom 2: WA (Wealthy Affiliate) Affiliate Program. This is where you will learn about the Affiliate Program that WA has to offer. While you are here why not promote Wealthy Affiliate? Great way to make some extra cash. Anyway, that is what this classroom is for. Learn more about their Affiliate Bootcamp.

Classroom 3: Keyword, Niche and Market Research. This Classroom will teach you about finding the right keywords to be successful. If you don’t know much about Market Research, this is for you. Learn how to build a Niche (something you have a passion for) Website.

Classrooms at Wealthy Affiliate
Join the Classrooms, get the most out of it

Classroom 4: Everything WordPress. At Wealthy Affiliate, we use WordPress as our blogging platform. So this Classroom is a must, learn everything you can do with WordPress.

Classroom 5: Authoring and Writing Content. Learn about writing great, fresh, quality content in this here. Get great examples on how y0u should be writing. So if you get stuck on writing, go here.

Classroom 6: Search Engine Optimization: In this Classroom, you will be able to find help in getting your posts ranked in the search engine.

Classroom 7: Social Engagement and Marketing. This Classroom will teach you about Social Marketing. In today world of the internet, everyone uses some kind of Social Engagement to interact with one another.

Classroom 8: Website Development and Programming. If you’re not computer smart like me then there is a class for you. Learn more of the technical stuff.

Classroom 9: Local Marketing. This class will teach you how to get in good relations with clients and teach the Locality of your venture to make some revenue.

Classroom 10: Video Marketing. Learn how to put Videos into your post. This Class will teach you the importance of videos. People love to watch a great video. In fact, I’m about to start a video blog on my website. Hope to see you back soon to check it out.

Classroom 11: Email Marketing: Here is a must class for anyone trying to build up a business. You have to get an Email list. you will be glad you did. This class will answer any questions you might have on opening up an Email list.

Classroom 12: The Wealthy Affiliate Platform. This class helps you get through Wealthy Affiliate. How to get around the site and how everything here works.

Classroom 13: Pay Per Click Marketing. If has some extra money to spend. You can use Pay Per Click. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, they will teach you about put ads up and how to set up a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign going.

You have 13 different Classrooms, The training is there. It’s up to you as a member to take advantage of the opportunity they offer here to build up your business.

Top 10

The next tab gives you the Top 10. That is on the left side will be the Top 10 blogs. On the right side is the Top 10 training. These change all the time and who knows, one of your blogs could be in the Top 10. You might come with some training and you want to share it with the community.

Top 10 at Wealthy Affiliate
These are the Top 10

Right now if you look at the Top 10 Nathaniel is in the #1 spot with Can you outrank big sites? Yes, you can and here’s the proof. I like this blog, it gets you pumped up knowing you can beat out all the grand sites out there. Check it out if you get the chance.

If you look at the right side, Kyle (owner of Wealthy Affiliate) has the #1 spot with his Online entrepreneur Certification-Getting Started training. This should be #1 because everybody needs to start somewhere. And Getting Started is where it all begins.

My Notifications 

The last tab is the My Notifications. This keeps you informed when people have questions or if they would like you to check out their site. It’s the last tab, but it’s actually the first thing you see when logging on to your account. You can go through the list and see which ones you know the answer to or the sites you want to review.

You Notifications

You don’t have to go through all of them. Just pick which ones you want. This will also help your ranking here at Wealthy Affiliate, which I will get into at a later time.

My Final Words

As you can see, I barely put a dent into what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. When it’s all said and done, I will cover every piece of ground that we offer here. There are so many resources that will put you in the right direction. When you sign up with this community, you will always have access to me. I’ll help you get started and after.

If you want help with the signup process or you have questions leave them below. I’m here to serve. Thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central.










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