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Hello, welcome, once again to Blog Central. This is where you get the best information for Affiliate Marketing Class.

I hope that you took the time to read my other posts on Wealthy Affiliate. There is just so much they offer that I just can’t get them all in one post. I’m taking my time and going into detail about what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. I want you to get a feel for what you can expect when you join.

This is my 9th post on the what their website is and the training that they offer. I’ll leave links to my other posts here below. Check them out when you have the time:

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There is a lot of good information here that might convince you into trying the free membership. That way you get the feel for what is here and what to expect from the community of people that are here to help you. That is what it’s all about, people helping people.

Today’s lesson will be:

  • Certification course
  • Live video classes

So, with that said, let’s get started, shall we.

Certification Course

I’ll briefly go over the Certification course. I have written about this subject in my How to make money online posts. But there is an easier way to go back through the course you have already been through.

Certification course
Getting started here at Wealthy Affiliate.

On the left side of their website, just scroll down about the middle of the page. Scroll over the tab that says Certification course. There will be a drop down to the right of the certification course. You will see all the lessons. Just click on the one you want to go to.

This is great because you can go back to any lesson as much as you like. That is the good thing about the training at Wealthy Affiliate. You can go back through the lessons as much as you want. If you don’t understand something or if you just want to refresh your memory. It’s all here for you.

Live Video Classes

Welcome to the Live Video Classes. Yes, these are live. Each week Wealthy Affiliate offers live webinars. These classes are great and have lots of great information. They are hosted by Jay (Magistudio). Anyone who wants to expand their business needs to be on these webinars. They usually last a little over an hour. They have questions and answer at the end of each webinar. So Jay can answer any questions you might have on the subject at hand.

live video classes
These Videos are awesome

You do not need to worry if you can’t get in on these webinars. They all are recorded and are posted so after here on Wealthy Affiliate. So listen to them and watch them as much as possible. I want to give a few examples of these webinars. I’ll go through this last year and pick a few. I discuss what these videos offer.

  • Elements That Rank Local Website-This webinar was aired on November 6, 2015. Ranking a site for local search is a different process than regular SEO. Jay teaches everything you need to know about ranking websites for local search. These are the benefits and learning outcomes of this webinar: (1) What defines a local website. (2) Off-page elements of local SEO. (3) How to sell this to local businesses. (4) On page elements of Local SEO. (5) What to focus on first. (6) Live Q & A session.
  • Power Of Google Web Tools and Analytics-This webinar was aired on October 24, 2015. Have errors on your site? google will help you out. Need to know your rankings? Google will help you out. The benefits and learning outcomes of this webinar: (1) Understanding the purpose of each tool. (2) An in-depth look into Google Analytics. (3) How to create a custom analytics dashboard. (4) How to sync the data between the two. (5) An in-depth look into Google Webmaster tools. (6) Live Q & A session.

    Live video classes
    Here are some of the older ones, they go way back

  • Techniques For Amplifying Content-This webinar was aired on October 9,2015-Are you struggling to bring in an audience to your content? Here are some benefits of this webinar. (1) Why Content Amplification is important. (2) Common content A,amplification Techniques. (3) Preparing your content for traffic. (4) The results of contentAmplification. (5) Uncommon content amplification techniques. (6) Let’s get content amped live! (7) Live Q & A session.
  • Using Jaaxy Like A Keyword Research Ninja!-This webinar aired on August 29, 2015. Using Jaaxy to it full effectiveness gives you an entire tool belt of online marketing skills that your competition will envy over. Here is the learning outcome of this webinar: (1) A quick overview of Jaaxy. (2) How to find your rankings with Jaaxy. (3) Using the power of related keywords. (4) Uber Jaaxy? (5) Watch how Jay uses Jaaxy in real time! (6) Q & A session.
  • Getting Started: Google+ For Traffic-This webinar was aired on August 28, 2015. If you (or your business) is not on Google+ then you are missing out on potential conversions and rankings! The learning outcome of this webinar: (1) Facts and myths about Google+. (2) Understanding how G+ circles work. (3) How to get Google+ followers. (4) Joining Niche related G+ communities. (5) 5 awesome things you can do with Google+ (6) Q & A session.

This is just a few of the video classes that we offer here at a Wealthy Affiliate. There are tons and tons of more just like these. So you will have endless training with these videos. You will learn about everything about being an affiliate. From getting traffic to writing content. So check these out when you join us.

My Final Words

So, what do you think so far? Pretty awesome, if I say so myself. The training is out there. It’s up to you to take advantage of it.

Hope you will come back and see my next post about Wealthy Affiliate. It will be on the Tools that you have here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Again, thank you for visiting me here at Blog Central.


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