2 More, Tour Of My Websites

Tour Of My Websites

Hello, my name is Patrick. Welcome to Blog Central. I’m going to give you a tour of my other 2 websites. I hope you were able to check out my main website which is Blog Central. And my losing weight web site, Losing Weight With Pat.

I try to put a lot of time into my websites, especially Blog Central. This video post will take you to my other 2 websites. I explain them for you and then you can watch the video below.

The Good News

The first website I will be showing you is my free website. I got it through Wealthy Affiliate, which is site Rubix. The name of that website is The Good News. Yes, that is Jesus is the good news. That is what this site is about. That’s because I am a Christian and just want to share my faith.

You will learn about Jesus and learn about other religions. Yes, I do reviews on other religions. Also, I do sermons and I am in the process of writing out the New International Version of the Bible.

So come visit when you get a chance.

Store Only For Women

This will be my first online store. I have not really opened and got started with it because I am having problems. I’m trying to fix the problem and maybe after you watch the video you might be able to help me. This will be my biggest project when I get it up and running.

So take a look and I’ll explain what I’m having trouble with.

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